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  1. Well, guess I'll just pull the carb out and see what it looks like after work tomorrow.. thanks for the info on what to look for!
  2. So with the full open exhaust, are you saying if the bike is still very responsive that re-jetting and giving more air wouldn't necessarily up my power/acceleration ? Assuming it still has its stock jetting.. the bike runs great, just heard that the 3x3 mod really wakes it up.. just don't want to be running the exhaust the bike needs but not giving it the fuel/air it needs to maximize what the exhaust can handle putting out..
  3. That's a good idea, I have a new plug to throw in her anyways, so that might be my first step..
  4. Throttle response is very good and the bike runs excellent.. but if the bike has a little more to offer, I'd like to take advantage of it, especially since somebody already put full exhaust on it. I figure I can spend $100 and kinda maximize what that exhaust has to offer, especially since I didn't pay any extra for it having it on there since the guy didn't even know what it was..
  5. So I bought my 07 Drz400s with 3k miles, really clean bike but I bought it off the second owner who didn't ride it and he didn't know anything about the upgrades.. It already had a power bomb header and power core 4 slip on, and the carb has definitely been apart before by the look of the screws on it, but I see the air box hasn't had the 3x3 cut out of it yet. So I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to check and see if I need to just cut the hole or if I need to just order the JD kit and cut the hole.. either way I want the bike to have the mod done. Any advice it much appreciated!
  6. ajdino

    clean my tank

    If there is any dirt or grime in the tank then you might as well while its off.. If you do, just be sure tank is completly dry before you hook her back up and fill it.. as said before compressed air works pretty well for blowing out any water.. you can also pick up a bottle of "dry gas" at your local parts store and slosh some of that around and dump it out before you insall.. that will dry up any remaining water that might be hiding in there.
  7. ajdino

    How many miles are on your DRZ?

    I picked my 07 up at the beggining of the summer with about 2,500 miles, it now has about 3,600 and I feel like a berely had the chance to ride.. Something tells me its going to pick up more miles in the first full year I have it than it got it first 10 years of life
  8. ajdino

    DRZ400s steel gas tank vs 3.2 IMS

    Not quite a hole, but it was pretty close..
  9. ajdino

    DRZ400s steel gas tank vs 3.2 IMS

    I know it might be "better" to go with a plastic tank, but for some reason I just like stock tank on the bike... a wanted add in my local CL also isnt a bad idea, I'm only abt 45 minuites from pittsburgh so I might get lucky there.
  10. ajdino

    DRZ400s steel gas tank vs 3.2 IMS

    The heat an dry ice methed might get 95% of the dent out, I just may have to give it a try.. And as far as it looking like it punched a hole in in, it isnt actually a hole and it does't seem to be a weak spot either, but it has a very sharp indent in the deepest part that will never be the same again
  11. Well I always come to this site for asnwers and finally decided to make myself an account.. pretty excited to be apart of what appears to be a very friendly, and helpful community! Anyways, the point of this post is to get any opinions/ pictures of the 3.2 tank made by IMS for my 07 DRZ400s.. I have a the stock tank on it now and never had a problem with it.. well that is of course untill I lost my balance putting the bike away one night and it fell straight onto the corner of my bike stand.. straight milion dollar baby style, slow, and nothing i could do about it.. and devestating to my poor tank I'd love to find a direct OE replacement for my tank which has vey little decal from the front shroud on it and is yellow.. but that is proving to be a pretty difficult task for under $600! I'd like to keep the stock look, so I really dont want a bulky or ugly tank, nor do I really need since I never need the extended distance on a tank of gas. If anybody has pictures of there yellow bike with the white 3.2 IMS, I'd appreciate seeing them greatly..fuel capacity is not an issue for me either, I just want it to look as good or better than the original tank. Also, it looks ike you use your stock shrouds on the 3.2, but please correctme if I am wrong! Thanks P.s. If anybody has the stock tank that matches my bike and wants to sell it I would be very open to that idea! I will attach a photo of my stock tank.