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    Carburetor HELP!!!!

    Awesome!! That's it.. thanks again
  2. oilfieldtrash23

    Carburetor HELP!!!!

    Thanks DEMI I'll try them
  3. oilfieldtrash23

    Carburetor HELP!!!!

    Cleaning my sons carb on 07 KTM 125sx I took out the star screws and removed the gasket in there to soak the carb to clean it while I ordered a carb kit.... only problem I can't find the gasket now from the part the star screws were holding down, has anyone else replaced that gasket before?
  4. Hey everyone. first time posting, just curious if Anyone found other years makes or models that fit the 2017? Called fmf factory directly with no help on a compatible header pipe, can message me directly if you like but I really want a full exhaust for my new bike.... thank you
  5. oilfieldtrash23

    My first plated bike, hate signals and plate

    Same here, I bought a 2017 500 took off the mirrors turn lights and the plate I have a small led light in the back and a headlight only and live in town in Bakersfield California ride my bike all the time with no issues I keep insurance and registration in my wallet in case I get pulled over.... maybe I've just been getting lucky though but my bike looks straight like a mx bike without all the junk on it