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    Pretty much anything outdoors or active activities. Dirt biking trials riding exploring in the Jeep, hiking. Unfortunately the daily chore of work takes up a lot of this time though
  1. Erik W

    06 wr450f plug

    Well here is the funny thing it has a tail light and it is a to contact bulb so I put another wire to the other side which is going to run as my brake light so I don't have to have the big ugly looking Fender thing bolted to the stock fender I'll just add the lights to the side and I've already made up a license plate bracket with LED light
  2. Erik W

    06 wr450f plug

    Okay there is no lights or anything on the bike the wiring was kind of a mess when I got it so I just ordered a new Baja kit for it and starting fresh
  3. Erik W

    06 wr450f plug

    Just wondering what this plug beside the relay under the seat is for? New Bike to me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Erik W

    2006 WR450F Gas Tank Distance.

    Just wondering you guys that have the aftermarket tanks I'm wondering if the tank goes close to the radiator or if you could still fit a fan kit on one side. I've been wanting to upgrade to the 3.3 but I can't find any information if it fits with a fan kit that I also would like to put on the bike