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  1. Hi jeffrow,

    I'm new here so hello for the first time! 

    I've been inspired by your WP Xtrainer post. I've got a set of KYB's that I want to fit onto my Xtrainer and I'd like to ask you a few questions about the KTM lower triple clamp.

    I've searched the internet for information on the KTM triple clamp dimensions and apart from various x offsets, have come up none the wiser.

    The Xtrainer triple clamp is 190mm fork distance at their centres. Which models of KTM have the 190mm same measurement. Do you know if the EXC/SX/SX-F's are all the same? 

    Do all EXC/SX KTM triples have the same steering stem/tube outside diameter, does the Xtrainer stem simply press in?

    I look forward to your thoughts.