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  1. Mackmechanic

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    Get rid of the premix. Unless your bikes brand new you don’t need to premix any. 93 octane and up. Get a good quality oil. I run motul 710. In my experience these bikes are very very sensitive to ambient temp and altitude. Luckily the jetting chart is pretty spot on. Kind of a pain to rejet so frequently, but if you want it to quit pinging that’s what it takes. Again, my experience.
  2. Mackmechanic

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    So when you turn the pilot all the way in it makes it so rich it won’t run??
  3. Mackmechanic

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    Check the jetting per your altitude and set it per the chart in your owners manual. If it’s still pinging a bit turn the pilot out 1/4 turn and retest.
  4. Mackmechanic

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    My pinging is occurring at closed throttle decel. Only at closed throttle decel. And it’s very slight at this point. I haven’t gotten to ride since I turned the pilot in a 1/4 turn, but I’ll report back as soon as I do.
  5. Mackmechanic

    2018 seat recommendations

    What kind of cover you guys got with the guts foam?
  6. Mackmechanic

    2018 seat recommendations

    Sweet, thanks for the feedback guys.
  7. Mackmechanic

    2018 seat recommendations

    You got the lower height seat?
  8. Mackmechanic

    2018 seat recommendations

    So I’ve got a new 300rr. I’ve ridden it quiet a bit. Longer rides the factory seat is rubbing my butt and the inside of my legs raw. I know I’m not supposed to be sitting much, but I’m a lazy rider I suppose. Haha 😉 I was looking at the seat concepts seats, more specifically the one that lowers the seat height 1 inch. Anyone have one? I know it’s softer, but does it rub you raw like the oem seat?
  9. Mackmechanic

    Beta 300 Axle tensioner bolt/nuts

    Check ktm or husaberg parts.
  10. Mackmechanic

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    I’ve got to say the beta chart is pretty spot on. I ordered parts from Rocky Mountain atv and made myself a jetting kit. Ordered parts for 2010 ktm 300xc. Exact same carb. Got pilots from 35-40, mains from 160-172, and two needles. All exact same numbers as in beta chart. Set mine to the chart. Had to change my main to 170, needle to N2zh, and move the needle up one to 4th from top. It’s almost spot on. Zero spooge. Had to turn pilot in 1/4 turn to fatten up on zero throttle decel. But almost spit on. I’m at 700 ft elevation. Temp 40-60. Just letting you guys know my two cents.
  11. Mackmechanic

    Rear fenders interchangeable?

    Cool. Thanks for the info. Polo sport is making one for 13-17. I wonder if it’s more flexible than the beta oem ones.
  12. Mackmechanic

    Rear fenders interchangeable?

    Did you have to change the side panels too? Or just the fender? You running beta fender or polisport?
  13. Mackmechanic

    Rear fenders interchangeable?

    Anyone know if the 2017 rear fender will fit a 2018? The 2018 rear fender will not flex. I’ve put slits on the side and the way it’s made it’s almost got ribs on the top and will not flex it just breaks. I try not to make it a habit to get on the fender, but I’m fairly new to riding and very new to this bike. So I need to quit buying fenders. Lol
  14. Mackmechanic

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    this was covered in a topic already issue? Or not an issue. Pinging and detonation came in towards the end of the thread
  15. Mackmechanic

    Issue? Or not an issue?

    How much does idling up or down effect rich or lean adjustment? And how?