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  1. I bought my son a 2010 KX85 this summer and he rode the hell out of it. We just started getting the jetting close to make it run well and Bam lost the rod bearing. We ended up doing a full top and bottom rebuild. Should be done this week so we can put it back in and see if it runs better.
  2. Well I didn't get the results I was looking for. Changed reeds and didn't changed much. If I'm idling along and gun it it takes couple seconds to wind up. We no longer have the oil issues and the plug looks pretty good, maybe tad on rich side but definitely not what we had. It more of a very dark brown. It idles like crap, will set there and idle perfect for couple mins then just die. Pilot jet 45 Main 130 Clip #2 position. Any suggestions now?
  3. OK here is what we have found. The oil issue has quit but the bog hasn't. I had carb off so I pulled the reeds. Bingo, just as KRAN had said. They were very bad, especially the top one. I have ordered new ones that will be here Tues. I'm hoping this helps.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. KRAN, it's ran this way since we bought it used a few weeks ago so Im not sure if it ever ran well. Honestly I think the people we bought it from know less about it than me. It had been sitting since last fall. We are going to try some different jetting and see where the needle clip is set and go from there. Those options are alot easier than tearing motor down to check seal. ­čśë.
  5. First off I love this site. Great for newbies. Have had many questions answered already in a short time. Now.....Son has a 2010 KX85. Runs decent but it seems very rich. Plug is very oily and damn near has raw oil coming out exhaust. While practicing motocross starts he winds it up with no blubbering but drops clutch and it almost died and takes few seconds to clean out. Seems fine at mid range and idle. Running 32:1 gas as per manual Has 135 main jet and I havent checked to see where needle clip is. Ambient temp is around mid to low 80's and testing this is after engine warmed up. I can tell you it's running so rich that you can lay your hand on motor after 30 mins of riding and not even come close to burning it. Lol. I big into only changing one thing at a time to see what difference it makes. Where you guys start? Thanks
  6. PS:. It runs very good on the top end once you get it going
  7. We are having same problem. We just bought a used Kx85 and when he goes to take off it bogs way down and sometimes dies. We are running 32:1 gas and plug is very oily with alot of oil coming out tailpipe. I pulled the carb and our main jet is a 135.....Damn. We are at 690 elevation. We have been advised to change to a 118 to 120. That sounds like a drastic change to me but looking at plug and oil out the pipe it may not be.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I drained the oil completely and put in the 750cc. Runs like a charm. Thanks
  9. First off Im a real newbie to this. Im almost positive Ive caused this problem. LOL. My son has a KX85 that we bought used and he has rode the living hell out of it the past week. Everything worked fine. Yesterday, not noticing the site glass on the oil case, I started pouring oil in the case because I couldn't see any oil when I looked down the fill hole. Quart later I still don't see anything. Long story short would to much oil cause the clutch not to work? It will not engage all of a sudden. Start bike in neutral and pull in clutch and put in gear and it trys to take off and stall. No laughing Im guessing it has a lot of extra oil. Didn't have time to drain and start fresh watching the site glass before it was time to go home. Thx