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    Let's Talk Sand

    More care means the inner tube looses pressure over time at about 1 psi every day or so. You have to check them and pump them up each ride. The inner tube is a low volume high pressure chamber. Standard tubes also loose pressure over time but at a much lower rate because they are lower pressure. If you're the kind of person that pay attention to details then Tubliss is great!
  2. noah_

    Let's Talk Sand

    I too live in Michigan and I too struggle with deep soft sand. I put on a set of the Tubliss on my Drz400s and love it. All stock bike with patelli mt21 on the front and Dunlop d606 on rear. Tire pressure started at about 10psi and traction was night and day difference. Then I dropped it to 5 front and rear. Wow. Tin Cup in Baldwin has some soft stuff and it eats it up. Tubliss takes a bit more care to pump up the inner high pressure tube each ride but wow did it help! Hope this helps!
  3. noah_

    How do you put the drz on a stand

    My drz on the HF hydraulic table. For your viewing pleasure.
  4. noah_

    How do you put the drz on a stand

    I'm current using the harbor fright 1000 lb hydraulic table. Works fantastic. Slides right under the Drz. Great working height. I did drill some holes for locking pins as the hydraulic cylinder leaks down over several hours. https://m.harborfreight.com/1000-lbs-Capacity-Hydraulic-Table-Cart-69148.html
  5. noah_

    DRZ w/ FCR suddenly sputtering

    Scrolled through entire thread to say your bike looks awesome post-apocalypse. Keep up the good work
  6. noah_

    Fixed stator cover, now bike won't start

    First thing to check is all the kill switches. Clutch & side stand are culprits. Had my clutch switch broken stoped the bike from starting till I removed it (soldered and heat shrink wires)
  7. noah_

    Chain and Sproket help!

    Yeah my setup is literally geared for more dirt. I wouldn't used SM gearing for dirt as you'll be in 1st gear all day
  8. noah_

    Chain and Sproket help!

    I've had great luck with DID on my S model. Purchased this set of Amazon D.I.D MXS-009OEM 520VX2 Gold Chain and 15 Teeth/44 Teeth Sprocket Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B7UX86E?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf Works great for street, however, I moved to a 47 tooth rear sprocket for dirt and is a slight but nice improvement on the low end. Basically moved my normal 10-20mph trail speed from 2nd gear to 3rd. Haven't run it on the street with 47 teeth yet.
  9. noah_

    XR250R Do I have a big bore?

    Thanks for the responses, everyone. Unfortunately, my compression tester can't quite fit down in the spark plug well. Made for diesel trucks. Can't get compression test obviously. If I pick one up that will fit I'll be sure to report back. Also, I've confirmed the head does have the 249^3 cc casting mark intact. Not filed off per above. I'm in the middle of a cam chain tensioner replacement right now but plan to keep investigating this.
  10. noah_

    98 XR250R cam chain help (Inside pics!)

    Bump an old thread. Just an FYI for anybody, I had a cam chain tensioner fail on a 1996 XR250R. My symptoms were exactly the same as a worn out cam chain: rattling, noisy top end even after valve adjustment. Popped the valve cover and conformed the cam chain was loose as a goose. Removed the right side cover and pulled cam chain tensioner out to replace the spring and found it was not connected to anything ( hence, no chain tension ). The spring was fine, the metal spring mount tab stamped out of the tensioner body failed. I found the tab in the bottom of the crank case wedged above the oil pump assembly. No apparent damage from the pinky nail size steel tab. I'm hoping this was an isolated event as I've never read anything like this happening on TT, only spring failures. Pics attached. Hope this helps somebody out.
  11. noah_

    XR250R Do I have a big bore?

    Ok, thanks! I can probably do a compression test. Looks like with no decompression valve should have 171-185 psi per service manual. I'll check it out.
  12. Hi All, I just purchased a '96 XR250R. Stuff that's been done to it: hotrod crank, hotcams, upgraded valve springs, titanium keepers, new head studs and gaskets. Plus all the usual uncorking. Guy I bought it from didn't know if it had a greater than 250cc displacement (i.e. big bore kit). Based on the upgrades do you think it has a big bore? Is there a way to tell with out taking a caliper to the piston bore? Thanks!