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    00 CR250 Clutch Slop Issue

    For now i just rotated the orientation of the lifter arm pin that attaches to the cable about 15 degrees. My clutch and all is working great again. I ordered another lifter arm and will get to buying a new cable soon. Thanks for the support!
  2. Austin TenHarmsel

    00 CR250 Clutch Slop Issue

    Hey guys, Background: I was riding my dirt bike and it was running great. I went to pull in my clutch, and it took about half of a pull for it to even engage. I realized the issue and kept riding, but about one minute later i had lost my clutch completely. it was all slack, as if there wasn't even a cable connected. if i came to a stop in first gear with my clutch lever all the way in against my handlebar, it would stall out as if i wasn't holding the lever at all. A stretched/frayed cable was my first thought, but upon digging deeper into the problem i am rather certain it is nothing lever/cable related. First i drained my trans oil, no metal chucks, shards, nothing came out. Then I took off my flywheel cover, and removed the necessary components to remove my Clutch Lifter Lever. Surely i thought i was going to find that the pin had broken where it pushes on the Lifter Rod, but that was not the case either. I removed the clutch cover, and nothing was abnormal. I have the correct amount of steel/fiber plates in the correct order, none are cracked. None of the bolts/springs were loose on the Pressure Plate, and neither was the lock nut holding on the clutch basket (which also has the lock washer and thrust washer trapped behind it). The Lifter Rod and Clutch Lifter seem to be in correct condition. My buddy was even generous to let me tear apart his same exact bike and compare the Lifter Rod and Clutch Lifter, which checked out to be the same, except his clutch works great while mine doesn't. I did not check his Lifter Lever because of the hassle it is to take that off and set the timing again after etc. I have had multiple people check that all of the components were in there, and checked with my manual at least a dozen times. Everything is there. There are five pictures below, the first two are pictures of my Lifter Lever. I have ordered a used one of these in hopes that it could somehow solve the issue, even though nothing seems to be wrong. Our best guess is the pin that comes in contact with the Lifter Rod spun, but it is not loose by any means and does show any visual signs of that happening. The third picture shows the distance between the Clutch Lifter and the surface of the Pressure Plate which i measured with my calipers and is .150" The fourth photo shows how far I need to lift my lifter lever up in order to remove the slop and start to disengage the clutch. I have almost no travel, because the Lifter Lever comes in contact with the casing (about 1/8 inch gap between the two in picture). In picture five, this is where the Clutch Lifter should be, which is .040" from surface to surface. To my understanding, there is .110" of slop between all of these components, but everything seems in the right condition, and no signs of broken pieces. The fifth picture is how the manual and my buddies bike shows it to be, and how i believe mine should be. Does the orientation of the pin on the clutch lifter lever look correct? it seemed to compared to the pictures i googled. I am completely stumped. Has anyone had similar issues? Please let me know if you need better clarification, its a very hard problem to describe over a post. Thanks in advance. Austin