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  1. bikemoto885

    Honda VFR750F Interceptor 1996

    There's a reason this bike won so many awards.
  2. bikemoto885

    Honda VFR750F Interceptor (1996)


    There's a reason this bike won so many awards.
  3. bikemoto885

    KTM 640 Adventure (2005)


    Absolutely awesome bike. Supremely capable.
  4. bikemoto885

    KTM 640 Adventure 2005

    Absolutely awesome bike. Supremely capable.
  5. bikemoto885

    KTM 200 EXC (2003)


  6. bikemoto885

    KTM 200 EXC 2003

  7. bikemoto885

    Thoughts on the XR400R...or...

    Well it looks like I'm leaning more towards a 450EXC, for two reasons. Firstly, XR400Rs are very rare and expensive here in road trim. Secondly I am wary that I won't be happy with the performance, particularly from the suspension, and don't want to spend lots of time & money modifying it. I've also got my eye out for a Husaberg FE450; I've ridden a mate's one and thought it noticeably better than the EXC, yet it has many similar ancillary components. Am I mad?
  8. bikemoto885

    Thoughts on the XR400R...or...

    Yes have thought about them - the bonus is that if I had a problem with the 200EXC I could race the KDX200 without changing class. So that may be good option, cheers. Actually not as much price difference as you would think. XR4s appear to be going for (at least, asking for) silly money - lots of 4-6k for off-road-only versions pre-2000, and I can get a registered 450EXC post-2000 for 4.5K!! NZ has some very strange pricing when it comes to bikes, I've been here 10+ years and still can't work it out.I appreciate the oil changes might be just as often, but many other things are longer/cheaper/omitted. And you can probably use a lower-spec oil on the XR.
  9. I'm an intermediate rider with a KTM 640 Adventure used on/off road, and a KTM 200EXC as an off-road racer (needs work!). Not a big guy at <70kg and average height. The 640 is a bit too big for serious off-road, and needs some $$$ to make it a bit more dirt-worthy. Now I have a toddler in the household I'm not doing big on-road trips on it anymore, so I'm thinking I should change it for something more dirt-worthy yet still an all-rounder, and cheaper so I have some cash to fix and sort the 200 too. The XR400R appeals, as it was considered quite a decent bike in its day (for 2 years until the WR400F anyway), has a bit more go than a 250 for highways and big hills (steep country hereabouts), is a reasonable weight yet low-maintenance rugged beast, and is somewhat of a cult classic in this part of the world. I've read lots of opinions vis-à-vis the DR-Z400, but it's a heavier more complex bike, and I'm not really a fan of Suzukis. Besides, I like tight technical terrain and that is one area almost universally agreed that the XR4 is better. Yeah the 400/450Fs are much better performance but I don't want the maintenance that goes with them. If I went down that route, I'd likely get a 400/450EXC to give synergies with my 200. That may be a realistic option since I like decent suspension and the KTM would save a major upgrade in that area. I do like two strokes, so have also thought about say a DT230. Apart from the weight and bulk, a 4T 600+ is out because they now cost a few hundred dollars more per year in licensing than sub-600. What say you? Thanks in advance
  10. bikemoto885

    DR-Z250 float height

    OK so it is all back together and is much better! I've started it up in the driveway and it is idling steadily at normal speed and responding well to blips of the throttle. I made three changes: The float height was maybe 14.3mm; raised/richened up to 13.8mm. The pilot screw was 2.0 turns, richened that up to 2.5 turns. The A/P plunger and bore were lightly polished with wet n dry paper. About to go for a good test ride.
  11. bikemoto885

    DR-Z250 float height

    You, sir, are a champion! I was planning to use how to confirm your pilot circuit setting just for my own curiosity but now you have given me good reason to do it. Currently it is set to 2.0 turns but I will check it is correct. You have got me thinking... these bikes are shipped with an inlet restrictor. This has been removed on my bike, as on most, but I don't know if it has been rejetted to suit.
  12. bikemoto885

    DR-Z250 float height

    Doesn't seem like anyone knows the answer, dammit! Time to experiment, I think. I've been reading lots of the jetting FAQs, stuff on the accelerator pump, etc. Lots of good info there - my thanks to those who've taken the time to write it up. There are quite a few things for me to try in order to resolve this problem. If nothing else, I'm sure it will make me an expert in installing/removing the carb!
  13. G'day, Can anyone tell me the float height for a 2001 DR-Z250 EK1 with the Mikuni TM28SS pumper carb, please? I'm in the process of stripping/cleaning the carb (again) to try to fix it, but so far have found nothing obviously wrong (except the accelerator pump plunger is a bit sticky). If anyone has any useful suggestions, I'd be grateful to hear them. The bike has two carb issues. Firstly, it has always hesitated/bogged down when opening the throttle off idle. Secondly, it often idles very fast (gets worse with time). A big blip of the throttle will sometimes make it idle normally, but then the idle speed steadily climbs again. The only thing wrong I can see is that the A/P plunger doesn't seem to operate smoothly, sticking in the bore. I've often noticed that the A/P rod is not fully extended, that is, not up against the A/P lever. Could this be the cause of the two problems? If there is a gap between the rod and the lever, then opening the throttle will not actuate the accelerator pump. With the plunger part way through it's stroke, it could be forcing extra fuel into the carb throat at idle? As the plunger is metal in a metal bore immersed in petrol, I don't see how I could make it slide better without sticking. Maybe a polish with very fine wet and dry paper? Fit a stronger spring? Modify the existing spring somehow? Everything is standard: carb, exhaust and airbox, except I have replaced the air filter with a Twin Air recently (made no difference to the problem). The bike has a manual fuel tap and AFAIK the carb doesn't leak fuel at all. The throttle cables were replaced a little while ago, the air filter is clean and oiled, the spark plug was replaced and the valve clearances set recently. It has been to two different shops who've cleaned the carb: one found crud in some jets, the other raised the needle one clip. Each time it has been better for a while but not fixed. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.