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  1. Mxrepair

    Kawasaki KX250F (2007)


  2. Mxrepair

    Kawasaki KX250F 2007

  3. Mxrepair

    2009 Kawasaki KX250F Timing Problems

    Found the problem, it's the wrong stator cover. Timing hole is supposed to be on the top not the side.
  4. Mxrepair

    2009 Kawasaki KX250F Timing Problems

    It is a stock connecting rod.
  5. Mxrepair

    2009 Kawasaki KX250F Timing Problems

    I did it's brand new
  6. Mxrepair

    2009 Kawasaki KX250F Timing Problems

    I've spun this thing around several times, AND tried a different flywheel from a working KX250F.
  7. Mxrepair

    2009 Kawasaki KX250F Timing Problems

    I'm not new at timing and tearing down dirt bike engines, but I just got an 09 kx250f in and it's having some issues. It was bored out to a 270. My issue is, I line up the tdc mark on the flywheel to the mark on the flywheel cover and the piston is not at the top! I've dealt with many bikes and this is the first time I've ever had this problem. Any ideas?
  8. Mxrepair

    96 kx125 brake not working

    You'll need to bleed your brakes. And used dot 4 brake fluid, check YouTube for tutorials on how to do it.
  9. Problem was the CDI, I replaced it with a brand new one and she runs great now. Apparently the other CDI I had wasn't compatible with it.
  10. Started it, it ran. Stopped it and started it again. Messed with some wires connections while it was running, messed with the CDI plugs and it started dying every time I held pressure to the plugs and wires hooked into the plug. I stopped the wheeler and sprayed some contact cleaner where the wires mount to the plug plugged them back in and now it won't start again. Is the CDI going?
  11. It works again, after a lot of messing with wires, switching out the boot. We'll see if it works. I'll try it out again later to make sure it still fires.
  12. Stator tests good, 100-300 it tests 190. Also checked all the wires, everything looks good.
  13. Just went through all the wiring, everything is good, replaced it all with fresh electrical tape, and tested all the connections and everything was within spec. The ignition coil is supposed to be 0.1-0.2 ohms the meter was switching back and forth between 0.2 and 0.3 ohms. Still no spark.
  14. Never mind, it won't start again