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    2009 450R won't start....

    I did some more diagnosing and my stator is reading 2 ohms, which is one ohm too high....don't know how much difference that would make it I ordered a tt ho stator.....if the bike ever runs again I can put a light at on it anyway. the fuel pump is in spec for flow and pressure....don't see how it could be the pump?
  2. Hey guys, lurked and searched the site over the years but have not had a real reason to post till now... I have a 2009 CRF 450r that I can not to get to start. It ran perfectly this spring, just a little hard to start which sounds typical for an 09. The last time it ran I had a really tough time getting it started, but after it did start it ran perfectly. When I tried to start it again, it just plain wouldn't start and has not ran since. I checked the valves and the exhaust was a little loose for some reason so I had them adjusted to make sure they were in spec. It has great spark. It has great compression. it has 50lbs of fuel pressure the condensor holds 12v It had a cylinder works 478 bbk and fast head with stage 2 hot cam and a dobeck auto tune programmer. (This is my snowbike in the winter). I unplugged the programmer and no change. Is there a way to check if the injector is spraying? Pull it out and kick? What else do I need to check?