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    EFI couplers ?

    Awesome! Thank you!!
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    EFI couplers ?

    Hey guys! New to the forum, hope this is the right spot for the question... I recently acquired a 2015 Suzuki RMZ 250, with less than 4hrs on it. Unfortunately it didn't come with the additional EFI couplers (rich/lean). I want to purchase them but having trouble finding them. On the "ELECTRICAL" schematics for the bike, I believe number 18 is the part location, but not sure if that is just one of the two additional couplers that are supposed to come with the bike? Or is it both if I order that part number? Is that even the right part? I can't find a description of the parts, and this forum seems to be the best source of information, so fingers crossed that you guys understand and can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!!