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  1. joshstefan

    08 Yz450F

    Hello everybody, Im looking to purchase an exhaust sometime this summer for my 08 yz450f, mainly so i can get a spark arrestor & do some woods riding & also make it a little louder. Ive been looking at GYTR & also bills pipe, im looking for a slip on but if theres a good price on a complete exhaust ill spend the extra money. Whats everyone running on their yz?
  2. joshstefan

    2008 YZ450f

    @Jeff aka Bolt looking for used because of budget, unless i can find new for the right price. And 19 inch
  3. joshstefan

    2008 YZ450f

    Hi everyone im trying to find a spare rear wheel for my 2008 yz450f, ive heard 06-09 yz450f all fit one another, is there any one yamaha wheels that will fit my 08? i tried looking it up online & im receiving different information. -Thanks
  4. joshstefan

    GYTR Air Filter

    HI, i was looking at the gytr two-stage filter. i was wondering does it matter what air filter oil i use? i really like the no toil filter oil/ cleaning products. I know yamaha is kinda strict on using their products but does it really matter in this case? Thanks
  5. I just recently bought a 08 yz450, I was flipping through the manual & it says "Premium Unleaded Gasoline Only With A Research Octane Of 95 or Higher". That is 91 motor octane right?