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  1. Hi, I am new to the site used to follow a lot from searching the web, so decided to join. Ride different bikes from sports to Adventure touring to dirt bikes. Addicted to two wheels and then sometimes one. I have a question and hopefully some engineers out there could please offer some advice. I bought a trailer without seeing it on the word of a family member and guess what the trailer should have come with Lube as I got screwed over. Its a single axle flat deck for 6 bikes with gear. The deck is 15 feet (4,5meters) by 7.5 Feet (2,3Meters). the chassis is 3inch by 4inch by 3/32inch. there is a box section under the chassis where the single axle leaf spring is mounted, the chassis is cracking along were the box section meets the chassis and then they tried to rectify that by putting in a gusset which just caused cracking along a new area. I am thinking of going double axle (to spread the loading force) this be mounted along a new box section along the entire length of the chassis. What do you think of this, is this the answer. The other question is to go Torsion suspension to make a smoother ride when using the trailer unladen with just with a few bikes no gear or stick with Double leaf spring. I have a full mechanical workshop where I can do the work but my ideas of design my not be correct as I have not studied this field. Throw a motor at me and I can sure sort that out. I believe in always seeking out some advice. Thanks in advance, Brett.