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  1. wyattski

    Engraving on cylinder? DUFD

    I thought I linked one but I guess not... I will take one tomorrow when Im with the bike
  2. wyattski

    Engraving on cylinder? DUFD

    So I found an odd engraving on my used drz400 it's a 2000 drz400s. The engraving is on the right side brake side, under the suzuki label near the exhaust. It says dufd. Does anyone have any idea what this means? Thanks
  3. I actually come from both heavy 4x4s and lightweight race quads both 2 and 4 stroke. I also have ridden both 2 and 4 stroke dirt bikes and all kinds of street bikes but I still prefer the control of a thumb off road. Does it make me a moron? To some of you lesser atv experienced people maybe but who cares its all about preference. I like blue DRZs Im sure others like yellow haha. All in good fun I understand the idea is different than most. I had a outlander 800r with the dual gasser... that thing got me into trouble. That was the first thing to go. Sometimes the twist would lock out so you only used the thumb. Other times the lock would come loose and you would grab on for the thumb and get both throttles... scary scary stuff. Not a good idea if you ask me.
  4. Before I get all the hate, I know to most this idea would be dumb and almost dangerous. Most will say just get used to the throttle. Well I have been riding atvs for around 15 years and thats a hard habit to break. I recently bought a DRZ 400 and like the bike minus the throttle. I have had dirt bikes and street bikes in the past and always wanted to try a thumb throttle on the dirt bikes. I finally decided after about a year of trying to become comfortable on the bike, to change over to thumb. I don't get to ride as often as I would like so getting used to a twist isn't as easy as I would like, and I feel SOO much more comfortable on a thumb. My question is. For those that have done it, What throttle did you use? Does it matter? What cable do I need and is there anything other than cable and throttle needed for the job? Thanks in advance,