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  1. Thanks for actually answering the questions and not fighting with other people's opinions. And intolerant, yes. Friend, no. Lol
  2. Okay, just wanted to clarify. I ALWAYS respect people, and animals, using their legs. Hikers, pedal bikers, dogs, and horses. Like I originally said, I do everything i possibly can, outdoors. Mountain bike, hike (especially with my dog), dirt bike, and have ridden horses in WA on shared trails. I've had more issues with SBS than anything, also previously stated. I always show respect first, as someone said earlier "kill them with kindness". Give respect and usually it is reciprocated. And also as someone said earlier, as a dirt biker AND a mountain biker I would more than gladly pay a yearly fee for trail and forest upkeep. No one is ENTITLED to anything. Were all lucky to be able to use whatever trails we use.
  3. In Colorado they just passed a law that motor vehicles have to give pedal bikers a 3 foot space when passing. New laws for peddlers paid for by our motors. So yes, road bikers should have to be insured and have headlights/taillights....just like getting a dirt bike street legal. Im glad im not the only one with this thought
  4. I got into a small heated discussion with one of my coworkers the other day and i am still bugged by the conversation. Id like a little insight on the subject so feel free to share your opinion, concerns, comments or rambles. So i live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I just recently got into motorized riding and have been riding mountain biking for a few years now. I am outdoors as much as time allows. I care about the environment around me and do my best to clean up trails and keep nature as natural as possible. That said......My coworker is an intense Mountain biker. The discussion came about because i asked if she knew how to access a trail system near her house. She then attacked me verbally saying that us motorized riders don't respect trails, or we widen them, or we are just &%$#@!.(granted, we can all be &%$#@! or bitches if we want) I was a bit taken back by her accusations when all i did was ask a simple question. Now to her point if the trails were or are muddy and wet then i would indeed be destroying trails. But i wasn't planning on riding the trails, just wanted to figure out how to access them for when they do open in a week or so. Okay, all that being said my response to her was "I pay taxes, registration fees, my bike is insured, i have health insurance and i have to pay to use the trails on my bike. You however ride the same trails, motor ways and do damage to trails just like i do but do not pay ANY fees." SOOOO i guess my post is to ask a question to the community: Should mountain bikers be required to have a sticker to ride trails? Should they have to register their bike if riding on the road? Should us dirt bikers be allowed to ride mountain bike trails since we actually pay to use trails and roads?(I know, not very realistic) Have you ever had any troubles with a pedal biker on your dirt bike?
  5. Usedtobefast - I am aware its not a good long distance bike. But it is what i have to work with and i really really enjoy what it has to offer for me. Moab is one of the trips i have planned(good guess) but the main one i am asking about will be from the Mountains in Colorado to Wichita, KS. its a 600 mile trip that i will split into two days. Its more of a reflection type trip. I plan on checking oil/taking a break every hour and a half at least. When i arrive in Kansas i plan on changing oil and filters.(duh) Thanks so much for the insight! Greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
  6. Dmouse - It is street legal, under 70 in 6th gear the bike doesn't scream and still has room for more get up. I don't experience heavy engine breaking (the gentleman that i bought it from lived in Pueblo, CO and had it modified for street use and an occasional trail ride) And i have been reading the same thing about KTM's having short maintenance intervals but thats for racing conditions. It is an 07 but has a brand new top end, clutch, tires, basically brand new as of 2012. (top end was just re done at the end of November)
  7. Hello, i am planning on doing a couple long distance trips this upcoming summer. I currently ride a 2007 KTM 250 XCFW. I am taking it in this week to be fully serviced and inspected by my local shop. My question for you all is can this bike make long distance trips? Mainly on back highways where the speed limit is around 65mph. Im wondering if 300+ miles in one day at 65 mph average is too much for this size bike? Will i need to just cruise at 55mph instead of doing the speed limit? Im also wondering how much wear this will put on the bike, will i need a new timing chain? will i need to replace a part I'm un aware of? I will be traveling very light and i weigh about 130lbs so the bike won't be weighted down with gear. Any and all comments, opinions and advice is welcome! Thanks in advance
  8. Quick update: Redid top end and she runs like a brand new bike, no leaks from the old breather hose anymore. Best $250 ill ever invest into the bike(ProX top end gasket kit and piston head), highly recommend doing a top end yourself if youre trying to save money. Buy the service manual, a 12 pack, some snacks and ask a buddy for a hand one afternoon. Do your research before hand and ask questions. Cheers!
  9. I believe this is where you're saying the hose needs to be attached but as you can see there's a bolt/plug where it goes. When I look online at schematics that plug is part of it too so I don't understand, can I take the plug out and run the hose into there and wallah problem solved or is there a reason behind plugging that spot and having the hose run elsewhere?
  10. When I went to the local shop we looked and on some models(mine Included) there's a plug where the hose would go in. And I believe it's the newer models that have the hose going into the manifold, on my 07 there isn't a spot that I saw
  11. Update: in case anyone else experiences the same situation, I took my bike to a local mechanic and he gave me a few minutes of his time. I found out the hose is an engine breather hose that lets the engine oil breath and if over filled let's the excess out. Was told that a small amount of oil, especially at higher speeds and revs, is common and means it's working properly. However in my case, anytime I got over 45mph or really got on the gas I could see oil drizzling out, alot. The local mechanic told me about the only thing he could think of is the top end needing redone. Took his advice and after some research decided to order up everything I need for the new top end and am going to try to tackle the endeavour by myself. If you have redone a top end on an 07-10 ktm four stroke please let me know what was difficult, what you learned not to do and what to do and any pointers. Cheers
  12. So I got her all cleaned up and I believe I pinpointed the leak. I first thought it was the ignition cover leaking, then thought it was just chain lube, then got her all clean with an oil change and air filter change and rode for 30ish minutes. Got off and found the area in the picture to be where the oil was heaviest. Next step is to take the bike into a shop and have them look at it but if someone on here can tell me anything that'd be greatly appreciated. (Tried to post multiple pics so you can tell where it's at)
  13. Pretty sure jaguar57 is correct, it seems to be coming above the ignition cover. Its gotten worse over the week ive had the bike so time to wrench on ol girl before anymore rides
  14. Hello all, i just recently purchased my first dirk bike! I bought a 2007 KTM xcf-w, and boy does she run like a dream! Theres just one problem, i have a small oil leak. ive located where the leak is and i believe its just a gasket thats leaking and needs redone. However, there are wires running in where the leak is happening so i am maybe thinking the leak is caused by the wires allowing oil to seep by? I added a picture so maybe some of you mechanics out there can point me in the right direction. I am going to order a whole gasket kit for my bike unless someone thinks it could be something else entirely. Thanks in advance for your recommendations and your time!