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  1. F-inEdd

    2001 wr250f carb

    Ill check online to see if it'll fit. If it does I'll let you know and if you want to sell it I'll buy it. Sent from my SM-J327V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. F-inEdd

    2001 wr250f carb

    I have a 2001 wr250f, I am searching for a carb for it. I was wondering if anyone has put a different carb on and if so what it was.
  3. F-inEdd

    Electrical nightmare

    I decided on starting fresh. I ordered a tusk kit and have all but the headlight wiring done. Now the previous kit was all botched together with every wire being old and switching colors every 6 to 12 inches. For the headlight, i need to connect to the original harness that goes to the headlight, but it is no longer on the bike. Below in the first image is what rocky mountain has said to do. And below that is an oem wiring diagram. Would i simply need to tap into the yellow blue and black 3 wire connector for the headlights? I dont wanna start hacking into stuff and make it worse. Electrical isnt my strong point. Everything else works now with the new kit.
  4. F-inEdd

    Electrical nightmare

    This is my first thread here, been searching online for some help with no luck. I have a 2001 wr250f i picked up for 1600. Someone already did the conversion to dual sport. Well, my control switch went bad and i got a k&s universal one. Now nothings working. Been trying everything. I was hoping someone has put one of these switches on before and could help me out a bit. I have gotten the headlight to come one. But only the hi beam.