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    Kali helmet owners???

    Weird how it is so difficult to squeeze on and off, but feels good when on? My 100% goggles also push down on my nose with my other helmet and not quite as much with the Kali, I think it's the cut-out of the goggles, I just bought a pair of Fox goggles, hopefully they feel better.
  2. What's your definition of enduro? Here's how I ride mine with stock suspension and stock engine/exhaust etc. 47 tooth rear sprocket. Perfectly fine and lots of fun.
  3. ScorpioWR

    Kali helmet owners???

    I bought a Shiva 2, non carbon also. The weight is why I bought it as I was getting considerable neck strain in my LS2 helmet that weighs 1564 grams. The Shiva 2 is advertised at 1190 grams and of course the real world weight is well over at 1260 grams. Why can't companies just advertise the actual weight instead of trying to be clever. It even has sticker on it saying it weighs 1050g's +30g which must be for the Carbon version. However that 1260g's is 2.77 lbs and is the lightest helmet I could find and $199 is pretty hard to beat. I measured my head and was 58.1 cm which puts me right at the far end of medium with the large starting at 59cm, so I got medium. It is quite difficult to get over my ears (which are small), but once it's on it appears to fit pretty much perfectly. Hopefully the break-in will ease the putting on/taking off.