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  1. gauvin33

    Crooked KTM handlebars

    Same thing happend to me this year I actually bent the cheaply mount that they supply!! I ordered the brp full mount worth every penny ! Only down side is if you have a really good crash with them your going to bend the actual bars befor the mount breaks
  2. gauvin33

    2001 cr 250 r

    Lmao I see what you ment now I re did my forks this winter never even noticed lol oops!!
  3. gauvin33

    2001 cr 250 r

    FYI this is not the brake line lmao bang head I have been debating on powder coating the frame and swing arm black and doing red and white plastics they look really good
  4. gauvin33

    2001 cr 250 r

    Yea I like the red and blue as well but u rarely see all black ones and it looks good when your gears red
  5. gauvin33

    2001 cr 250 r

    Ya have seen a few with the new plastics on them have looked up on how they are mounting them yet but right now I'm not worry about the looks yet just going to build it than start adding might make it replicate my crf
  6. gauvin33

    2001 cr 250 r

    $1000 bucks with ownership I was ver y surprised on how clean the bike was considering ..
  7. gauvin33

    2001 cr 250 r

    Finally picked up a cr 250 r this week 01! Kid who had it before install the piston rings wrong causing ring failure !! Yay new project for this guy! Stripping has started and now waiting for cylinder to come back from replate ! On order hot rods complete. Bottom end and wiseco top end On to cleaning and doing all bearings and cleaning up the fmf pipe! Will keep updateing as I go !! Bike has asv levers Fmf gnarly pipe and silencer Gpi over sized rads and hoses Brand new dirt digger clutch Don't no if I will dress it up as much as I did to my 06 crf 250r but never say never lol