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  1. Dan Coburn

    400 exc 2002 Bog off idle HELP!

    Hey guys have an 02 400 exc completely stock. Replaced the diaphram last year and took it out, hesitation was gone and i had a great ride in october. Took it out for the 1st time this year and it was dying off idle so bad the chain broke after an hour and had to push home. Have the carb off now looked at 3 jets and diapham all clean. Any ideas?
  2. Dan Coburn

    02 exc 400 sudden massive fuel leak

    Replaced the bowl gasket and no more leak😁problem is now it bogs worse tjan before🤧i accidently hooked the batt reverse for a second. Could this have caused a problem or is it still carb related?it has plenty of power but nearly stalls off idle
  3. Dan Coburn

    02 exc 400 sudden massive fuel leak

    Replaced the phram and stlill leaks😐looks like i should have just ordered a complete rebuild kit as it is leaking around the bowl gasket.
  4. Dan Coburn

    02 exc 400 sudden massive fuel leak

    Thanks for replying. Turns out the diaphram was torn near the center, this was not seen when i was cleaning the area before
  5. Removed the bowl to inspect&clean after a ride since it was running poorly. After I reassembled it I noticed a nasty fuel leak. After removing the exhaust I noticed it seems to be gushing out of a boot which surrounds a rod connected to what I think is an accelerator pump. The bike had no leaks before