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  1. Replaced the bowl gasket and no more leak😁problem is now it bogs worse tjan before🤧i accidently hooked the batt reverse for a second. Could this have caused a problem or is it still carb related?it has plenty of power but nearly stalls off idle
  2. Replaced the phram and stlill leaks😐looks like i should have just ordered a complete rebuild kit as it is leaking around the bowl gasket.
  3. Thanks for replying. Turns out the diaphram was torn near the center, this was not seen when i was cleaning the area before
  4. Removed the bowl to inspect&clean after a ride since it was running poorly. After I reassembled it I noticed a nasty fuel leak. After removing the exhaust I noticed it seems to be gushing out of a boot which surrounds a rod connected to what I think is an accelerator pump. The bike had no leaks before