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    Trans oil turns white milkshake

    I've done that a couple times....You sucked in water thru the intake. oil mixed with water makes the oil "milky". Perhaps someone else has a better solution, but here is what I've done to fix it... Drain it out as good as possible. Put the covers back on the engine. Fill the engine with diesel gasoline rather than oil, kick it over 30 to 40 times to circulate the fluid (Do not start the bike). Drain and repeat till all evidence of the milky stuff is gone. Don't forget to clean up the intake as well, air filter, air intake boot etc... Good luck
  2. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    What would you pay for this 2010 YZ 125?

    Back in 2012, I bought an 05 for $1700. The bike still had the factory nipples on the tires and was on its 2nd tank of gas. My wife drove me 5 hours while I slept in the car (I worked night shift at the time) to pick it up, AND I had to partially disassemble it, wrap the chassis in moving blankets, and stuff it in my Ford Focus. True story... Now I got a really good deal on it and will likely never come across that sort again (actually I did, but that's another story about another bike) But judging from those pics, that bike is in rough shape...Rode hard and put away wet. Like was mentioned before, bent subframe, front fork looks like it's caked with oil which is likely a blown seal. I find it annoying when pics are taken when the bike is still wet. Pics taken in the shade no less.
  3. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    125 Bandwagon (sign me up)

    Excellent. Thanks for the info. I've been considering a fly wheel weight as well. Have you always ran it weighted? If not, was there a significant improvement with "lugging" and in fwd momentum after installing it? Thx.
  4. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    125 Bandwagon (sign me up)

    Nice Bike! What stator are you running to power your lights?
  5. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    Who is the best manufacturer? Why? (MX/Enduro bikes)

    ¡Bultaco es primero! Sr. Bultó was ahead of his time. [emoji38]
  6. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    125 Bandwagon (sign me up)

    I say get the bike...I ride an 05 yz125. I'm 5ft 9in. 170lbs. That bike can take me anywhere my riding buddies can go on their ktm450's. We do desert terraine, lots of single track with nasty steep rutted hills. Trails that are more of a big creek than a trail. Rock and log hopping. I can go 60 miles on a full tank. Previous to my 125, I rode a cr500, which is a fun, and very powerful bike, but that 125 is just a blast and now is my "goto" bike. Very light and nimble. Oh and kick starting the 125 is as easy as farting after eating a big bowl of chili. Just keep the rpm's up and feather that clutch. I still ride the 500 when I need to shake some brain cells loose, but I like my 125 more. Sent from my SCH-I545 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  7. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    F7 Restore--New Member

    I have had good results in the past with distilled white vinegar. I usually keep a few gallons on hand. Ive used BB's, Electrolysis, Aluminum Oxide sand blasting media, but none eliminated rust better than vinegar. Just fill the tank as much as possible and leave overnight. or Dip it in a 5 gallon bucket. Might have to flip it a couple times. (electrolysis works good on square gas tanks, but not traditional motorcycle tanks). I'm not a restoration guru, so maybe a pro has a different opinion about the vinegar. Hope this helps.
  8. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    2 Stroke jetting recommendations

    That question is above my pay grade[emoji90] . I go by how the engine sounds and reacts when adjusting the mixture screw.
  9. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    2 Stroke jetting recommendations

    HillBilly is correct. You need to revisit the jetting. Here is a good read on the topic. http://www.kenoconnorracing.com/Carburetor jetting.html My tiddler ran like crap in the hills until i dropped the needle. Just one clip notch made a world of difference when I got past 1/4 throttle. Where my real problem is the idle jet. I'm in the ball park past 1/4 throttle, but it could be a bit leaner. IMO, 2 strokes are easier to tune than a 4 stroke due to the smoke and engine sound. It took some time to learn that though... Good luck. Here is a video on how to re-jet on the fly.
  10. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    2 Stroke jetting recommendations

    Not really, my problem is that I'm likely running too rich in all stages of the fuel delivery (idle thru wide open) and in the upper altitudes, the engine is not running at an optimal temp due to the rich mixture. And since I'm riding single track stuff, I'm not "on the pipe" nearly as much if I was on an MX track. When it bogs, I usually pull in the clutch and give it a few healthy revs and let the combustion chamber get hot again. The thick pipe smoke clears up and then I'm good to go. I really need to re jet it so I can remain at optimal temp from idle to WOT. I run non ethanol premium gas. Yamalube 40:1. Sent from my SCH-I545 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  11. snaggle_tooth_swamp_donkey

    2 Stroke jetting recommendations

    I'm no carb pro either, but if your plug tip is black, which I'm assuming it is, you are running too rich. Need a smaller main jet and or lower the needle (raise the clip). A rusty colored plug tip is good. Grey colored is bad, running lean and toasting your internals (aluminum deposits I think). I ride an 05 yz125, stock jetting with the needle lowered 1 notch. I ride in about the same elevation at you describe. I too get some bogging and stalling a couple hours into a ride, but I've never fouled a plug YET. Best to carry a couple spares plugs and a plug Wrench. Don't worry about cleaning the plug. You are asking for trouble there Replace and toss the old one.