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  1. lol I can tell. Thanks for your input!
  2. Yep. 😐
  3. I will provide more info once I have it. But yes we're chalking it up to gone. He filed a report of course, but Baltimore cops have way bigger fish to fry and evidently this is very common. Just figured I would put this on a few boards on the off chance it helped. Can't hurt to try! 🙄 you asked for a description, and I gave it to you so let's not derail anything.
  4. I don't really feel like ridicule is necessary in any situation regarding theft. I am only posting in hopes of someone laying eyes on it to recover it but I'm sure it is long gone. The only description I have at this time is a low to mid 20s black male. No clothing info yet.
  5. I don't know the details yet. Does it matter?
  6. It was recommended that I post this here. If more info is needed please let me know. TIA My boyfriend's KX250 was stolen at approximately 12 pm on August 19 in Baltimore in a sale gone bad. Cops have been notified, police report filed. It is not street legal and it is in pristine condition with #26 number plates (that may have already been removed), so it might stand out if they're dumb enough to ride it on the road. I have requested to join a few Baltimore area sale groups but if any of my friends happen to be a part of any please post. The name he was given of the buyer is Johnathan Silver. I would guess this is not his name but just in case. Stolen from Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle.