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  1. Gus150f

    125sx or yz125

    Here is a pic of it!
  2. Gus150f

    125sx or yz125

    Ok, so I’d be alright if I got a 250 2stroke. Would the top speed be to much different? I don’t want to get something I can’t control
  3. Gus150f

    125sx or yz125

    the only reason im not going after a 250 up 2 stroke Is I dont think I would be able to handle it. I had a friend that had a yz and it hauled butt
  4. Gus150f

    125sx or yz125

    thx for the response!! the bike I was looking at is a 2011 yz125 bored to a 144 with bottom end porting and a 9 oz fly wheel weight. this bike has a ton of accessories. this is copied from the ad. tell me what u think!!! thx Gus this guy is asking 3000 for it all 2011 yz125 with woods and mx setup -Eric Gorr 144 kit with bottom end porting -9oz flywheel weight -fmf header with two silencers, titanium 2 and powercore with spark arrestor -two sets of bark busters -18 and 19 inch rear wheels -Acerbis oversize tank and stock tank -radiator braces -Skid plate -scotts steering damper(and oem mounts to remove) -extra set of bars -suspension setup for 120lb rider but also have springs for about 160lb rider(all together) -race tech valving -two seats(one shorter and one stock height with guts soft foam) -lots of new parts that have not been used(suspension bearings,seals,brake pads,etc) -Lots of jets -Kickstand 117.5hrs Probably forgetting stuff
  5. Hey, im 14 an am selling my crf150f to upgrade. I really want a 2 stroke. I have been doing my research but can't decide between the KTM or the Yamaha. I ride in mostly fields and homemade tracks. thanks!! Gus
  6. Gus150f

    crf 150r

    hey, I ride a 150f and have really fun on it. I'm thinking of selling it and getting a 150r or rb. do you think this is a good decision? I mainly ride little tracks I make in fields or I ride 20miles away from my house on turnrows. I feel like the 150f doesn't have enough?!? not to sure what to do I feel like I throw the 150f around! thx
  7. my friend is now selling the bike for 700. I'm 5'4 and around 140. I started riding around 6 months ago but learned really fast. I top my 150 out every time I ride. I have made a track with not to to big jumps. I mainly ride on turnrows. he rebuilt the motor, brakes, shocks. thx _JC_
  8. hey, I have a bud who's selling a 2003 yz125. He just rebuilt it and he has just rebuilt the shocks and cleaned the carb. I dont know what I should look for to make sure I dont get it and have to put $500 in it. he's asking 1000 and I have a 2016 crf150f that I dont know if I should sell to get it.
  9. Gus150f

    Honda crf150f gearing

    thanks everyone for taking your time to look at this.
  10. I have a 2016 Honda CRF 150F and the top speed is 50. I ride on open farms and want a little more power. Im new to dirtbiking and would appreciate the help. I'm not to sure what size sprocket I should get or any of that stuff. I would like the front wheel to feel light on take off thx, Gus