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  1. MuddyJon

    Electric Starter winding/click sound

    Is there anyway I can diagnose and make sure that's what needs replacing?
  2. My battery was giving me some starts and then would die out until I rode it for a while. Then it would eventually make a winding and have to be ridden more. So I bought a new battery and now it's not giving me any starts, just a winding and click sound. It can't be the battery because I just switched it and I'm having same problem. Any idea on how I should approach and fix this? Here's a video I took with sound. https://streamable.com/12714
  3. MuddyJon

    Forearm Pump Problem

    I did focus on trying that, but it still felt like the bike was pulling me.
  4. MuddyJon

    Forearm Pump Problem

    When I was in middle school, I used to ride all the time. Very difficult trails, hours on end. Not once did I have any pump problem. Fast forward 10 years and I decide I want to bike again. First day out I bump into a friends dad I used to ride with. Having a big ego and all I didn't want to slow down or rest, but I noticed my forearm swelling and losing grip. I ended up whiskey throttling right into a tree....very bad. I sold the bike a month later after one ride because it wrecked my knees. It's been 2 years and I decide to try again, but not follow experienced riders. First day I go to a track, and same problem. After a lap my forearms are pumped and I'm sooo close to flying off this bike. I took my time though and took long breaks at the truck. So my question, is it possible to get back to where I used to be? Will this arm pump get better? Side note: I do body build and am pretty built. 210 lbs 5'10". I don't know if that's making the pump worse.