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  1. Yesterday did not suck
  2. My buddy actually just bailed on me. I called around a few places in the metro and came across this ad . 145/day for a SXF-450, not my ideal bike, but its better than nothing. I was either going to take it up Kingston Peak or try to attend the meet up if that's cool? What do you guys think I should do?
  3. Gonna try my buddies 300 out this weekend, but I''m already pretty much sold on the 300 XCW. Where are you finding these deals? Every 07+ KTM i see on CL looks thrashed or is 4k+, should I be looking elsewhere? Anything wrong with the 300s prior to 07? One more question I just thought of. I've always been told consistent low revving on a 2st fouls spark plugs. Every 300 youtube video I've seen is ALLLLLLLL low end. How do they not constantly foul plugs?
  4. We're going to swap back and forth between his wife's 250 atv and the 300. No single track this time around I was thinking rollins pass area as well. I've taken my 4runner back there a few times to Chinns and Loch Lomond so I know the area somewhat. When everyone calls Rampart a zoo on the weekends what can you compare that to? I'm a boarder in the winters, I consider Breck/Keystone a zoo every weekend, but Rampart is so much more vast I can't picture it getting that crowded.
  5. NW Aurora, 6th/225
  6. Going out with my buddy this weekend to try out a KTM 300 XCW. He suggested we hit Rampart, but I was curious if anyone had better suggestions. I'm open for anything within 2 hours of the front range. Never ridden out here open to all suggestions. This will be my first time riding a bike in 10 years
  7. Alright you guys got me back on the 2 stroke bandwagon. KTM XC-W 150/200/300 seems to the preferred woods bike in Colorado. These seem like the best bikes to buy from an investment standpoint in CO(Low cost maintenance, reliable, desirable, holds value extremely well). Are there any main differences between the sizes and are there any particular years I should look out for/stray away from. Also are there any jap enduros I should be aware of or does KTM pretty much lock down this market? What's up with this bike, why do you think its so cheap?
  8. Bike was raced/thrashed to hell when I got it. This was 10 years ago so I don’t remember specifics, but we could never get the bike tuned in right. Always smoked terribly, fouled spark plugs on a regular basis, top end needed rebuilt, cylinder replaced, just seemed to always fail on me when I needed it most, really left a bad taste in my mouth for 2 strokes. I guess what I’m asking is which will be less maintenance long term, WR 250/450 or 2 stroke? If the situation does arise where I need to the rebuild top/bottom end or adjust valves, which will be cheaper to take to the shop or easier DIY?
  9. I've been reading a lot about the EXC 300, seems like the prototypical Colorado woods bike and great reliability. I've been against 2 strokes due to an 03 kx 250 I use to ride that was a nightmare to maintain. Is there a 2 stroke bike with similar maintenance as a XR/DRZ? I'm not mechanically sound so the thought of replacing a piston or adjusting valves scares the shit out me. I can do the regular oil change, air filter, spark plug, chain etc. but outside of that I'm quite lost. Thanks for all the advice, I've gathered great info from this thread. Choices are narrowed down to the WR 25/450, DRZ, and potentially a 2 stroke if I'm capable of maintaining. Is this a decent deal?
  10. Thanks for the great information! From what I'm reading I should be looking for a WR 250/450 or XCW 250/350/450(Not interested in 2 strokes)? I should mention I'm 6'4 so a taller seat height is desired. The main question I have is in regards to engine size. I live about 30 minutes from the trails (Rampart Range), should I be looking for a bike with a bigger engine to take on the highway there and get plated? Was looking at the XR 650L in particular, just looks heavy as hell. I'm thinking I may be fine with a 250/350 KTM which leads me to my next question. What's the maintenance like on KTMs vs the Yamaha? I tend to abuse my bikes, and the meticulous care required with MX bikes in the past has annoyed me. Will I have to change the oil/air filter after every ride with these bikes? Do KTMs on average last longer than Yamaha? What would you ride in my shoes? I'm comfortable spending more for a KTM if the resale will be higher than the WR. Thanks for all the info, been posting this all over reddit for weeks and getting SHIT responses. I'm very thankful I found this forum.
  11. Haven't ridden a dirtbike in about 10 years. Moved to Colorado two years ago and get a quarter chub every time I see dudes ripping through the campgrounds. I took a look at a 05 CRF 450 for 3 down the street from my house at the Honda dealership and wanted to pull the trigger. I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help out with. How do you feel about a CRF 450 mx bike on Colorado trails vs a 450x? Will I have to lower the gears on the mx bike to cope with mountain trails? I've always known mx bikes to be a little bit more work than a typical trail bike, is this still the case? Will I be rebuilding the top/bottom ends every winter on an mx bike that old? I've always been a Honda guy for reliability, but whats with all the KTMs in Colorado? The 500 EXC looks sick, but 11k price tag is a no go from me. What's your favorite trail bike for Colorado trails? In terms of price I could probably go up to 5k, but would prefer to stay around 3k. I was hoping to keep shopping the market, what are the chances of me finding an old fart selling his 450x/wr450 trail bike that barley leaves the garage? Should I wait until winter to buy?