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  1. Thanks man! I appreciate the hookup! Just what I needed!
  2. Hey dudes! Im a long time reader of thumper, but never posted or had a tag. But it's about that time...ya know, when you're SOL and freakin out a bit with your brand spankin new bike blown apart lol So anyways, I have a brand new 18 yz450FX and I'm street legaling it with supermoto wheels and such. I'll keep the dirt wheels also, for those none street days. I was under the impression the FX had the same wiring harness as the WR, but now I feel dumb for thinking that. I ordered the stock headlight and taillight for the WR, and am lost on how to get the taillight to hook up and the headlight. I'm looking for that WR stock look with the FX attitude. Can y'all point me in the right direction to get these things hooked up?? Thanks! Pics are appreciated, as I've combed all the plugs and nothings popping out to me as correct, and I'm beyond frustrated. Thanks!