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  1. Congrats! Glad to hear you're ready to go again and it wasn't a major problem.
  2. Heard from the dealer yet?
  3. Thanks for the info. Will use if I ever decide to mess with it again.
  4. I'm glad you got it on, but dang it shouldn't take so much "muscle" to get these on. That's what fasteners and tools are for..... Design could have been better as far as installation goes IMO....
  5. Thanks for the suggestion... Going to try the Pilot, then take for a bath if that doesnt work.
  6. Ordered a new Pilot Jet, hope its as easy as that too...
  7. I went to the Mikuni site and they say start with the idle mixture screw (large one with spring) out 1.5 turns and dont mention the air adjusting screw. Can someone with experience with this carb walk me through the idle adjusting process so I at least know my attempt was correct. Im at 800 ft above sea level and manual says back air screw out 1.5 turns. After that do I run the idle mixture screw (large one with spring) all the way in and back it out 1.5 also?
  8. Great advice... Thanks.. Closest dealer is 3hrs one way, but I do have a KTM dealer close by, would they be able to get what I need?
  9. Would you pull the carb and attempt to clean the Pilot? Any others as well? Thanks...
  10. It runs fine while riding, just won''t idle. Normally when ones clogged it wont crank at all in my experience.
  11. I ran the air screw in all the way clockwise then backed out 1.5 turns per owners manual and no matter which way & how far I go clock & Counter wise it will not idle unless I hold the throttle cracked very slightly open. I played a little with the idle speed adjusting screw with no change as well. Any advice? Oh and it hasn't idled since I brought it home and it did sit for 8 months before I just started being able to ride two we's ago. Drained tank and using fresh gas. Thx in advance...
  12. I really appreciate everyone's help and suggestions. I ordered a SXS and will use it until its worn out and then probably try the AXP again once I've forgotten how aggravating it is (for me) to install.
  13. Thanks!!! They have definitely made changes to the design of the skid since I purchased mine Sept of last year... No doubt mine will fit the KTM with more clearance but it won't work on the TX. Should have waited til I got the bike before buying it... Oh well, maybe someone with a XC will want it at a great price. Thanks for everyone's help...
  14. Did you leave the breather\drain hoses folded under the skid, or reroute them and/or shorten them in any way. They're pretty dang long from the factory.
  15. Thanks for your help... Ill definitely need some help holding the bike so it doesn't slide all around the floor as I wrestle with this thing.