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  1. robbob benson

    03 yz450 tps setting

    Yes I had a typo when I posted I've adjusted it once a manual or just the spec would be great. Just want to make sure it's good to go I haven't had problems with it. I've ran unplugged in the past to compare and it has way more response plugged in.
  2. robbob benson

    03 yz450 tps setting

    Just wondering what the tps is supposed to be
  3. robbob benson

    03 carb problems

    Figured it out. The float needle that came with the rebuild kit was slightly shorter and the taper on the Vinton was too steep. Put back in old one and no leaks. Moral of the story I guess is use parts stamped with the k. Now have 165 main and 45 pilot back in because they have the k. Seems to run better in the warmer weather. Thanks for the help.
  4. robbob benson

    03 carb problems

    How do I get the float needle valve seat out? Don't really want to break something. I found a better exploded view of the carb and see the o-ring.
  5. robbob benson

    03 carb problems

    So still leaks. Went through entire carb. Float needle had a very slight ring in it so swapped it for a new one. Brass seat for the float needle is secure and not loose. Carb was pretty dang clean. Checked the float to make sure it still floats. And finally checked setting on float and it opens and closes as it should. Nothing seemed to make a difference.
  6. robbob benson

    03 carb problems

    Thanks I didn't know there was a o-ring under seat. Ill take a look and see. Thanks for the guidance.
  7. robbob benson

    03 carb problems

    So I have a 2003 yz450f. The carb will not stop flowing gas. It's been rebuilt float seems to seal. It's so bad that fuel is flowing out the bottom of my airbox and now flooding the motor to the point that I'm getting fuel in the oil. Kind of scary and just need a starting point. Like I said I've had the carb apart many times for jetting changes. It's currently 48 pilot 170 main stock needle 3rd clip leak stock and fuel screw tusk adjustable 2 1/2 turns. Runs great.