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  1. @William1 Ok that seems like a logical approach. Really bitter pill to swallow after around 4,900 usd for 15 hours in total. Oh well the story could be worse.. I will be on the look out for local riders and if the court goes in my favor i will have a shop lined up..
  2. @GCannon I was riding it around with the mismatched parts. They sent it back with a crack in the carb so i paid for a secondhand one on ebay and decided to fit it and ride it around. I was doing my best to get some enjoyment out of the bike. I dont know what a cylinder base gasket is I am assuming between the cylinder and bottom end. That one seems to be fine. Its the higher up gasket thats leaking where the exhaust connects. I suppose ill have no other option than to wait and hopefully courts will award me enough money back to buy the correct cylinder and head.. By the way the company that carried out the work is I thought they would do a good job because they specialise in dirtbikes I got &%$#@!ed over big time and court is a very slow process.. @William1 thanks
  3. @cjjeepercreeper Ok ill be sure to check that before i start reassembling thanks
  4. @cjjeepercreeper How would i check that? Im guessing check the head isnt warped, anything else? There is a little water coming from the gasket near the exhaust and a swishing sound when i push the Kickstarter very little compression @Danceswithtrees Shes a 2002 wr426 Only 5hrs since rebuild but the garage i went to has a terrible reputation.
  5. hello everyone I have a bike with a suspected blown head gasket, my first bike and I am planning to fix it myself. never worked on an engine before but I have watched countless videos and am familiar with what parts to expect when I start taking it apart. I recently removed a leaking carb then replaced it and really enjoyed spending the time working on the bike, its only a matter of having the confidence to play around with it. it has little compression and white gunk coming from the breather hose at top of engine. the gasket itself is cheap so that's a bonus but is there anything more to fixing this bike than just tearing down to the gasket and replacing it?
  6. Come on guys someone must be able help me.. Is it just a case of replacing the cheap gasket or do i need to do more work?
  7. Can anyone tell me whats involved in doing the head gasket please.. Ive watched countless videos and i know all the parts inside the top end. Is it just literally replacing the gasket and thats it or is there more to it? Ill check clearances also while im at it.
  8. head gasket :(.. I'm going to get a road bike like a fireblade now I have no faith in this bike anymore, I spend more time pushing it home then actually riding it. it dropped a valve going full speed and locked up the back wheel 6 days after I bought it, a scary experience to say the least. and now 5hrs after a rebuild this happens.. Ill cut my losses now and try to fix this in my spare time.
  9. The oil isnt milky but when riding the other day i pulled the dipstick and it was really watery.. i thought because the engine was hot. I really know very little about these bikes its my first one and we all started somewhere. im learning really quick watching video after video on youtube. I dont know whats wrong but ive googled the symptoms and seems either water pump gasket or head gasket. I plan to fix the problem myself i just seem to be having no luck with this bike.. i paid for a rebuild about 5hrs ago and they made a mess of my bike.
  10. hi, Its a nice day so I decided to get the bike out for a spin. I drove around and when I was in first gear making a turn the bike just died out. tried to start it again and there was very little compression and a puff of white smoke came from the bottom of the engine each time I pressed the kick start. I got the bike to start by going down a hill and letting out the clutch in second. so I got 90% of the way home and pushed the rest, it was really down on power. got it into my back garden and found that it didn't have any coolant left in the radiator and when I filled it up again it made a swishing sound in the engine and started leaking water from the cylinder gasket. what do you guys think it could be?
  11. Nice bike, does it sound loud with that muffler? Mine has racing exhaust and it is ridiculously loud so I might need to get a muffler like yours.
  12. Mine doesnt even have a speedo.. I only use the plate to insure and tax so i can drive to trails and not get a ticket What year Is yours?
  13. ok, its just me that rides the bike so the neutral limiter wont effect me. ill just zip tie it to somewhere out of the way instead of buying a new one. panic over, I know what its for now, thanks.
  14. no light on mine either and its 2002 wr426
  15. I can pick one up and have already messaged the local bike breakers but if its not necessary I would rather spend the money on lunch