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  1. frahmani1

    Kx85 Cranckcase

    Yamabond worked great. Thanks everyone.
  2. frahmani1

    KX85 Clutch

    The bike is a 2002. I double checked. based on the diagram I have everything there and in the order it shows. unless one of the parts is wrong. I bought the bike used, so I don't know what has happened before. I still like to know that the free play is normal or not?
  3. frahmani1

    KX85 Clutch

    Hi, I am putting back my son's KX85 clutch back together. After the pressure plate is installed, I notices that there is about a 1/4" of free play between the push rod and the bearing. I didn't notice that before. is it normal? I know I didn't leave any part out :-). Thank you for your help.
  4. frahmani1

    Kx85 Cranckcase

    Hi, I'm changing the cranckshaft on my son's 2002 kx85. One of the cases uses a sealant instead of gascket. What's the recommended sealant I should be using? It looks gray and very hard. Thank you in advance for your help.