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  1. Roflhat

    KX125 Top end Parts? KDX125

    Better than leaving it to rot in a shed forever hey...
  2. Roflhat

    KX125 Top end Parts? KDX125

    I've sent the barrel off to be replated, the cylinder head will be reconditioned and I've bought a new piston. Got a full engine gasket kit to put things back together. Also bought some black vinyl spray to try and do the seat, and some carbon wrap for the panels. Will probably get some new Kawasaki stickers to go on it too
  3. Roflhat

    KX125 Top end Parts? KDX125

    Alright, there is actually a patch on the head tube which has been scraped quite badly... As you say the bike was probaby acquired by a thief at some stage, maybe explains the poor paint job too. The engine is certainly a KDX125 judging by other photos online. I can get the cylinder replated for around £160, then a piston kit on ebay for £20, just need to find a cylinder head. Managed to remove some of the paint off the side panels, using acetone, some hydraulic brake fluid and a lot of scrubbing.
  4. Roflhat

    KX125 Top end Parts? KDX125

    Thanks mate, had a look for the vin plate but couldn't find anything, may have been removed. Was thinking I'd have the barrel rebored, +1.00mm, although it's quite badly scored, thoughts on this? then a new piston kit and probably find a used cylinder head to stick on it
  5. Recently got this KX125 (or maybe KDX125?) from a mate of mine, engine was seized. Took it apart and it was the piston in the barrel, both are chewed up as is the cylinder head. Ideally I'd like to find someone breaking the same model bike so i can bolt it all back together, does anyone know what year bike this is? And will KX bits fit if it's a KDX? thanks Plastics are blue, have been painted over at some point