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    fuel injected 4 stroke problem

    so i bought a gtyr tuner and my bike has 60 hours and error code 16 from what i looking into its the throttle position sensor
  2. Serg Orlovskiy

    fuel injected 4 stroke problem

    ill look into opening to look inside of it, should have time here this week. thanks for the response!, ya it sure does sound as if the kick start is being held down that why i double checked i wasn't being a dumb ass and leaving it down somehow. Its not a bad start as it did start doing after i parked it and kicked it over to load it back up!
  3. Serg Orlovskiy

    fuel injected 4 stroke problem

    i looked slightly though it haven't had too much time i read something about checking the timing with a timing light? thought i'd post the problem why'll i do research about it Edit: well its defiantly not my kick starter being down off too work ill check in l8r feel free to chime in if anyone has an idea and thank you!
  4. Serg Orlovskiy

    fuel injected 4 stroke problem

    no its idling and i just blipped it once to show it doesn't go away but that wom wom noise is the problem my 4th four stroke dirt bike I've never heard a single make this noise
  5. Serg Orlovskiy

    fuel injected 4 stroke problem

    are you talking about the spring that you have to split the case to get too or one prior the split remembered there was 2 on the kick starter. recently did a complete top and bottom over haul on a 300 husky 2 stroke so kinda familiar with whats goes on inside never split a four stroke tho not too sure how they relate Edit: Well i guess from just hearing someone wouldn't know
  6. Serg Orlovskiy

    fuel injected 4 stroke problem

    no I'm hoping its something that simple lol I'll double check tomorrow but feel like i woulda caught it as I've started it multiple times already trying to figure it out.
  7. so I have a 16 yamaha yz450f and i was riding it the other day ran great parked it by the trailer and was about to load it up kicked it over made this weird noise(watch video) and i killed it and hand loaded it. never heard a bike sound like this, checked the valves they are in spec, cleaned injector and fuel pump filter like 2 rides before this, put a fresh spark plug in. Have no idea what this could be Any one have a clue? it kicks over first kick and runs but does not sound good.
  8. Serg Orlovskiy

    16 yz450f leaking coolant out the overflow

    oh figure out the drain bolt was loose seems to be the culprit..
  9. hey so i encountered a problem so i drained all the coolant, and checked the valves on the bike and it was all in clearance, put it all together filled up the coolant, fired up, let it sit in the garage for a bit noticed coolant leaked out the over flow and i went ahead and topped it off and let it sit for a while and i just looked at it there was what looked like probably most of the coolant that was in the bike on the floor anyone have any idea what i should do next? the store is closed so i can't buy anymore coolant atm i use engine ice.
  10. So i never owned a fuel injected dirt bike, I got a 2016 yz450f for a steal at an auction. It ran great every kick since this last ride, it started dying when i wasn't on the throttle. I got it home and now the second i put the choke in it dies/ it runs/rides when im on throttle but if im not on the pipe it dies. I went check the valves all in spec, found a video how to flush fuel injector with a battery, flushed it still doesn't idle with choke in. Now im clueless what to do usually a problem like this I clean out the carb and that fixes the problem (get a fuel injected bike they say...) ha, I only run non ethanol fuel through all my machines. so what are my next steps? and is the upgraded ecu with the tuner worth the $? any specific tips/things to do to make sure thing runs like a top every time/ things to know when Im out in the field to trouble shoot a injector? thanks
  11. Serg Orlovskiy

    seized swing arm bearing removal

    used a dremel to cut slits down and chisel and hammered it out that was easy! thanks everyone getting ready to go to bend oregon "chinaHAT" made a video of me doing the second ones came out terrible dremel broke and had to go to the store and it started raining as i had it setup outside ha, check out my youtube going to adding more raw moto footage from the pacific northwest USA stay tuned! check out my instagram also: sxvxgeserg ill follow back!
  12. Serg Orlovskiy

    Knee protection.

    alpinestar fluid tech brace you won't regret it, enduro... mx... your gonna fall off. a simple tip over standstill fall over can seriously injure yourself , and for the upper body check out the alpine star bionic tech jacket. best investments I've made fallen at high speeds on gravel not a scratch. spendy but i don't even feel like I'm wearing anything and slept multiple days with it on ha.
  13. Serg Orlovskiy

    seized swing arm bearing removal

    okay thanks guys will update when i attempt this later in the day if i can collapse the outer bearing and pull it I'm sure i can punch out the second one easily
  14. So i bought a 2010 husqvarna wr300 from a terrible owner, after doing a complete bottom end overhaul, was going to grease the swing arm bearings also then i discovered the bearings where in terrible condition rusted and the needles just fell right out. Honestly looked like they've never been greased. any tips on how to remove them? I've tried my bearing puller and a torch no luck and the threaded rod and socket method the lips of the bearing are broken and so small the socket keeps slipping out and couldn't get it budge. i have a press but i used it to get bearings out of SWINGARM, CUSHION RELAY it worked for one of the holes and the second hole the socket underneath i used to "catch the bearing" just straight up crushed into the aluminum housing and had to get a whole new one at least it came with all the bearing installed already... so I'm really trying to avoid messing up the swing arm using that. was thinking of using a dremel to slightly cut the bearing and pry it out anyonee have any suggestions?
  15. old fuel could be a problem (I non ethanol gas in all my machines prevents this problem and doesn't gunk up ur engine), and check the boot to wire connection that attaches to the plug(you can twist it into the wire) and other than that a new plug and a clean carb it should fire right up