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  1. I've been restoring a 1978 Kawasaki KD175 and the rear shock Absorbers are leaking oil. My question is can the seals inside be replaced or are they shot. I know with the single shock absorbers like on my kx250f they can be replaced but these are a different setup and haven't seen too much online about them.
  2. Dirt_Fixin

    Confused on what this does

    Hi, my friends 90cc tao tao pit bike has this hose connected to the air filter from the engine. This puts engine oil into the air filter and we are just no too sure on if its actually needed. We looked at some picture of this bike stock and it doesn't have this. We have to replace the airfilter because the boot is cracked connecting it to the carb, so we were just going to order a normal air filter. The people we bought this from were clueless and very careless with the bike and we are finding many problems due to this. So i am wondering why they would even have this on here in the first place and why its even a thing. Also do we need this exact one or can we go back to the regular air filter.
  3. My friend just sent me a message saying there is a little crack in to boot that connects the air filter to carb. Could this be it?
  4. i was looking into the air leak, just by doing some research and it does seem like that is problem. The symptoms it causes is exactly what we are having. Im just trying to think to think where i should look first. Since its a pit bike they have a little different setup then regular dirt bikes. So where would you recommend looking first?
  5. Hi, i am making this thread for my friend. He has 90cc tao tao pit bike that has a problem. Whenever we twist the throttle the rpms will stay high even though we let go of the throttle. We have cleaned the carb, and messed with the fuel and idle screw no luck. And when the rpms stay up high its not the throttle sticking ive pushed the throttle back down and the rpms still stay up. So we are very confused and stuck about what to do next.
  6. I have the correct battery for my Honda SL125 but for some reason it seems to be putting out to much voltage i believe. The Selenium rectifier was getting extremely hot and was causing some smoke to come near it. Not sure if that was from the electrical tape on the wiring or what. The battery i have is a 6v by the way. There arent any visible exposed wires anywhere that i can see so i am wondering what the issue is. I also would not get any spark to my spark plug but did have power to my headlight.
  7. Dirt_Fixin

    1972 Honda SL125 electrical issues

    Hi, I got the battery going but i now have a new problem. It seemed that selenium rectifier was getting too hot for some reason. There was a little bit of smoke coming from the side of it. Not sure if it was from hitting electrical tape or just from the rectifier itself. There was too much heat coming off of that area i am stuck on what to do now, i don't want to short anything out.
  8. Dirt_Fixin

    1972 Honda SL125 electrical issues

    Thanks for the replies everyone, ill go and try what you guys said when i am off work. I should get to it Saturday and then ill post my results back here. Thanks, Jake
  9. Dirt_Fixin

    1972 Honda SL125 electrical issues

    Yea it had lights on it and has all the wires hooked up to them. But i cant start the bike because i cant get the battery hooked up. That is the main focus, because on this bike it wont get spark if it doesnt have a battery. So i have to hook up the battery but there is only one wire that isnt hooked up to anything which is the red one. That wire i know goes to the battery, but i dont why i dont have a negative wire that would hook up to the battery as well. I put the red wire and even took one of the green wire off( the one the is on the rectifier bolt) and put that wire onto the battery, but still no spark.
  10. Dirt_Fixin

    1972 Honda SL125 electrical issues

    Thanks for the reply, from looking at this it shows a green wire going to the negative port on the battery like i thought, but the problem is i dont have any free green wires. Since it shows there is one going to the rectifier also. So does this mean i am missing a wire or am i missing something in general?
  11. Dirt_Fixin

    1972 Honda SL125 electrical issues

    Thanks i found the parts image that shows what im looking for, but the only problem is i still cant really tell what im missing. Im not sure if i am missing a wire or do you only hook up a positive wire to the battery. In the picture that is all i can see, if someone could look at it better that has more knowledge than me with this stuff that would be amazing. https://www.bike-parts-honda.com/Catalog/Honda/0125_SL125K1_SL125K2_Microfiches_Honda/parts_list_0125_SL125K1_SL125K2/053-view.html Thanks, Jake
  12. Hi, I am at a stalemate with my 1972 Honda SL125. I am not the best with the electrical systems and whatnot on bikes, but i know a thing or two. This old technology is really confusing me. So first of all i had to get a battery because when i bought the bike there was no battery. So i bought the correct battery for the bike bought i am stuck on where to put which wires. There is only one free wire not connected to anything and that is the positive(red) wire . I am confused why there is only one wire free. I have pictures to show more, i am bad at explaining. Also i am curious what this orange box in the pictures that sits next to where the battery goes. There is a ground wire going onto the bolt that hold this box in place as well Thanks, Jake
  13. Dirt_Fixin

    Kawasaki KD175 Gas Tank

    Im looking at some of the tanks but the only ones i can find dont have arches so that the tank sits on the frame
  14. Dirt_Fixin

    Kawasaki KD175 Gas Tank

    Ive seen this tank and from the looks of it, it isnt in good condition either. If it wasnt overpriced i would maybe consider it but it would be 110$ for a tank in rough shape.I Would still have to do work to the tank to prevent it from leaking. The seams on the tank separate easily due to rust. Thats why im thinking id have a better shot with a plastic tank , since all the old ones are rusted out.
  15. Dirt_Fixin

    1978 Kawasaki KD175 Starting Troubles

    Hi thanks for the response it was the throttle cable being pulled, so i fixed it and now it runs nicely.