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  1. juniorG_

    Anyone get their '18 YZ450 yet?

    Could be. I was looking into getting either a YZ or KX so I was too happy too look at the year at the time. Haha
  2. juniorG_

    Anyone get their '18 YZ450 yet?

    If I'm not mistaken I believe I have seen couple '18's down here in Southern California at Chaparral Motorsports. Was there looking at KX 250's and those were 18's as well
  3. juniorG_

    2002 YZ426 Graphic Kit

    Checked it out, and its more customizing yourself. Sort of looking for team decals and something that's already made for the bike. Will keep it in mind though. Thank you!
  4. Pretty much as title says. Looking for a nice GFX kit that would fit the year and model. Getting the YZ running soon and would like to have it looking nice as well. Thanks