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  1. My friend recorded another video of some playtime with the SXV, enjoy!
  2. OlleR

    SXV with Kold Kutters

    Thanks for your kind words!
  3. Had my first go with proper Kold Kutter tires today, its been six months since I last rode a bike but felt quite comfortable with these studs Anyhow heres a video: And a photo with a little lady ridin 2 up:
  4. A couple of friends stopped by so that we could do a couple of dragraces today. The conditions were good for both (atleast in the second attempt where they got to ride in all snow) so this is about as good as it gets! I predicted the SXV to be quicker in the beginning (after initial launch) but it was above 60mph where it really started to shine. Its difficult not to spin off in the start or not to wheelie too high so I guess my starts were a bit lame. I started in second gear with 14-51 gearing (157 km/h on gps at the end of run, those tires are heavy!). Second run was so close that Im not sure who won, I think I took the lead at the last second but it was pretty much a dead on race from 130km/h and up. The faster (top speed) of the sleds is a Yamaha RX Warrior which has a R1-based engine that puts out 145 hp, the other sled is a injected two cylinder twostroke that puts out 110 hp. The warrior is built more to be fast in a straight line while the Lynx is more of a track machine. Link: [CODE] <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Lafvz0wcrJ8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> [/CODE]
  5. Just another sunny day in Northern Sweden
  6. OlleR

    Aprilia SXV with Kold Kutter review

    Yeah next time I will make proper tires, get those Kenda´s which take more studs. It was a trial run this time, theres very few that use these here, we use the finnish studs but they wear so quickly its not economical to keep using them. I saw that video from KK on how to install them but do you mean that you lean them so that they lean away from the ice instead of into the ice when they reach the surface? That sounds a bit reversed from common logic I did liner and the longest of the screws though, didnt turn them for the first run, but I got them tuned for next time
  7. For this winter I thought I would have a go on the SXV with proper wheels (21", 19") and tires so I searched around for alternatives and ended up with Kold Kutter canadian studs. I found some used wheels and a longer swing arm (standard swing arm) so I thought I would have a go at it! I thought I had to change the clamps too (as I use ICE clamps, 2 degrees steeper and shorter offset) but I could just turn them around and it made enough clearance to use the larger wheel. Luckely for us there has been a lot of strong winds which has cleared the ice from snow and let the ice grow even though the conditions have been bad for proper ice to build, so when the day came where we could try it out there was no question if I would go even though I had a cold The most immediate thing you discover when you go from a KTM 200 SX (100 kg) to a Aprilia SXV 450 (125 kg, probably more with these tires) is that it takes a lot more effort to get it into and out of the van with spike tires. Not only do you need to be strong to push the bike but you also need to keep balance so you dont slip on the ice... The KTM I could load by my self but I had a fellow SXV'er from Belgium named Glenn help me load the SXV. Once out on the ice I drowe about 25 meters before I tried out how far you could lean the bike. The ice was untouched and with the finnish studded tires (looks like needles) you could easily scrub the handle bars in this condition with the KTM, something that was not possible with the Kold Kutter tires and the SXV. You might be able to reach higher lean angles if you use a lighter bike and mount the studs differently but it really is not important because you never use lean angles like that when you are trying to lower lap times. Something else I noticed with the KK´s compared to the finnish studs are that KK´s slide a bit when you change direction but then kind of settles. You do not end up where you think you would but about 4 inches on the outside which means that you need to go into the corner earlier. The upside of this is that the KK´s are very predictable and transitioning between slides (front and rear or left to right) is smooth and easy to control. They also give you a lot of margin, it almost feels like as long as you ride within reason you can´t crash. I only went down once and that was on purpose while I were trying out the limits of the lean angles. Another good property of the KK´s are that the worse the ice gets during the day, the better they grip. I think that on a worn track the KK´s are probably as fast as the finnish studs but easier to ride with. Especially the front tire gets much easier to control when it is sliding and you can use it as a tool to end up on the racing line you intended when you screwed up by steering in too soon. The SXV as a ice bike is actually a lot better than I had imagined! Sure it is big and heavy and you do notice it quite a lot, but it is also stable, easy to control and never lacks power. I could almost go to the extent of saying that it might just be a better ice racing bike than supermoto racing bike. I feel like you do not get punished as much from the weight on ice because you can more easily counter it by sliding and as you have more margins the additional power in low speed corners make less of a issue. Where you do notice it though is when you support its weight with your inner leg and when you try to change direction. It takes more energy to ride it compared to a single, but then again its stable and GOES on the straights! The front brake was something else that I was surprised of, I thought it would be very aggressive but it was actually very controllable. I never had a moment where I ended up with more front brake than I intended but at the same time the KK´s let me brake harder than I thought I would be able to also. The engine characteristics suit ice racing very well because you can start off early in the corner with low rpms and it will pull enough to keep it sliding all the way to the exit where you get into the meat of the power band and it pulls hard on your arms down the straight. I think the suspension set up needs some work to gain some rear grip during acceleration but that is something you can count on when going between different surfaces. Glenn who never have ridden on ice before found the SXV and KK combination to be easy to get into. From what I understood he saw the same thing as me, that ice racing might just be the most fun you can have on a bike. I also had a 16 year old kid ride the SXV and he too appreciated it a lot asking his dad for one for new years eve! Both of these riders improved a lot during the day and that proves that it is a great combo for the conditions! Even if it would show that its not the fastest thing out there its still worth trying because the fun factor of it. I think so far these tires is the most fun to ride and it is not that expensive either, they also seem to last very well and that is a huge bonus when you spend 800$ on a pair of tires (which is what finnish studded tires cost). In both my mind and in my heart the SXV with Kold Kutters is a winner! Video:
  8. Hi! Im making a couple of tires with canadian kold kutters for the first time. I was wondering what your expert thoughts on amount, pattern and spacing is? Fedrettes are just "as many as you can fit" but with the longer stud you´d might want them to penetrate the ice more? Should I put one or two in the front nubbs? Im doin it to a couple of Bridgestone M403/M404´s and they look like this:
  9. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could post a picture of the mapping of either a husaberg newer model FI or a KTM 350 sxf mapping? Ignition mapping is maybe even more interesting to me Im trying to figure out how to map the aprilia to make it smooth and I know these bikes have mappings that make the throttle so easy to use I dont have any program to view them in so I need a .jpg or similiar! Thanks Olof
  10. OlleR

    Faces/landings of other tracks?

    Thats what they look like here too yes, but on hard soil! And thats what happends to many many newcommers that ride the track and even some of the talented ones. Even if u stay on the bike you will make that flight that dude did and its gonna hurt I guess this is a question to be raised to the whole MX racing scene. I bet we are gonna have a similiar situation as the speedway had lately, where people were starting to get killed before they could realize that they should move the barrier away from the edge of the track...
  11. OlleR

    Faces/landings of other tracks?

    The second one is a big step up, I guess if you do it properly its a bit over 100 foot Its really difficult to tell when you are not at the track, but imagine that you have about 1,5 bikelenght to land a 100 foot jump, and theres a sharp edge before the landing (U could probably do this table top the other way around without changing the face/landing) Yeah thats my point in the whole, but over here theres not companies that own the track, its clubs which are not reliant on profit from the people that practice at the tracks From my trip to the US I could see that there was a lot of people that could do this kind of stuff for real money and not just because they think its fun to do. Therefore the tracks I´ve seen have been safe for everyone I totaly agree with you. But we also have rules that say that you cant have big doubles and such on official (which means insured) tracks out of safety concerns (which is riddiculous when you see table tops like these get safety approved).
  12. OlleR

    Faces/landings of other tracks?

    Its difficult to tell from a helmet cam too, but at 0:40 in this vid you can see this table top: The problem is not the face of the jump, I have seen many that looks like these (Ive even been over to the states riding), but the landing is as steep as the face. I´d like to shape them more like the landing being 2 times as long as the face atleast and rounded not a sharp edge. Its really do or die with this kind of landings
  13. OlleR

    Faces/landings of other tracks?

    This is from the table top in the pictures, that thing on the right is a small hut on poles on top of the table top (on the side of it)
  14. OlleR

    Faces/landings of other tracks?

    It looks smaller than it is in the pictures. The slopes are from flat to top I guess around 9 feet tall
  15. Hi! Where I live we have had problems with people not riding on the official track because of some reason and I think its because of safety concerns. So I´m trying to convince some of the board members (ex nationals level rider as the final boss) that we should tone it down a bit so that it will be more fun for new people. Today theres about 10-20 people that ride at the track concistently (track fee in Sweden is about 120$ a year, which I know is dirt cheap compared to the states), theres more people on my private track than the official one. The picture illustrates the face and the landing of a 100 foot table top which rises towards the landing in height (all of the jumps look like this, and this isnt the biggest of them): When you go towards the face of the jump you dont see anything behind the edge, and if you walk up on top of the face you once again just see the edge, no landing. I was wondering how common it is that they look like this? I have got a feeling that theres a lot more marginal on world champs tracks (notice this is an outdoor track, not a supercross track, we generally dont do supercross around here) What happends when you land short is that you have atleast 6 foot drop straight down to flat landing. Is this something you´d like to ride? The reason they say it has to be like this is that if the people riding at our track go to another track they shouldnt be scared of steep landings, while the problem is that theres no one except those who has been riding 10 years that dares to try them, so they dont get experience jumping since they dont even jump. My question in short is, does race tracks look like this? I personally have never been to a more skill based track (theres speeds over 60mph on this track too!)