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  1. Are you sure you have your spring in the right direction? Have you looked at an image?
  2. Yeah that was another problem I had, the first time I put it back together the spring wasn’t on properly and the throttle was sticking so I had to take it all apart again [emoji52]
  3. Have you tried pushing the arm in ALL the way? I had this problem but it ended up just being that it wasn’t pushed in enough and BOTH holes where not lined up properly. It’s quite a difficult and fiddly job but it’s not impossible [emoji23] Good luck
  4. Thanks for the reply’s guys, I must add that when the bike is warm it starts no bother at all? Cheers
  5. Okay, my 05 crf230f does not like to start. I would like some help on trying to get it to start on the blip of the e start? My dads quad starts at an Instant no matter how cold but there’s my 230 just sitting trying to start?
  6. I fixed it today, ended up being a connected that needed to be split, was putting it back together and the wire that connects to the battery fell apart! New one on the way though. Cheers!
  7. Nope?
  8. So, my 05 CRF230F had a dodgy ignition barrel, all the wires joining into it came disconnected and was too close to the barrel to put connectors on. Eventually the new one came, installed it and the light and horn works but not the electric start? I put a new solenoid in and I can start the bike with a screwdriver on the Solenoid but it does not click when I press the electric start? Help would be appreciated!
  9. No, I’m going to do it when I’ve got time
  10. No one is stealing my fuel because I have no one to steal it and 48 hours!? I’m busy with work and I can’t get anyone to drive with me. Thanks though, I’ll figure something out.
  11. Yeah I’ll do a proper test sometime, and I’ll get back to you
  12. Hmm not sure what to do then? I could check the float height but I don’t know what I’m doing really [emoji23] is there any metre out there to see how far a tank of gas lasts?
  13. Is there anyway I can get a proper reading on how far a tank will last? Because so far I’m just guessing and I could be completely wrong
  14. I do store with the petcock open but I refill before every ride. How do I check the float height? It’s everyride that I get about 5 miles out of it
  15. I’ve cleaned the carb 2 times, and when I did I checked the float needle. I pressed down on it and it was springing just fine. The oil is done, no gasoline in it at all. Thanks for the suggestion!