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  1. jcoop4355

    Is the 17 model really so bad?

    I just bought a new 17 CRF250R, I will be riding it in a few weeks and can give you some feedback.
  2. jcoop4355

    2017 Mod Suggestions

    Its not set on the 17 I traded a Super Tenere and had to pay over $4k to cover the negative. The paperwork is already signed and I own the bike if I trade it I will lose even more money. I learned about the 18 after we bought the 17 and I was pissed at my sales guy.
  3. jcoop4355

    2017 Mod Suggestions

    Want to take my 2017 CRF250R to the next level. I have googled a lot but being this is my 3rd dirt bike I have ever owned and the first one I can afford to modify, I don't know what to get other than a full exhaust. Money is not a factor. Thanks for the suggestions and ideas in advance.
  4. jcoop4355

    Northern Alabama

    My family and I are moving to Northern Alabama between Florence and Huntsville. We have just purchased a 2017 CRF250R and a 2017 CRF50 for the kiddo. Never been on a track but would like to get myself and the kid on one and do some racing. Look forward to meeting people and having fun.