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  1. Travellingman

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    10K miles? Hehe that was not much, did you forgot to lube it?
  2. Travellingman

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    You really need to read up about automatisk chain oilers, this is just rubbish LOL
  3. Travellingman

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    Not so dirty :-) For me its all about convenience, I live in a apartment building and rent a small space for my CRF in the basement parking area. Originally designated for mopeds... So there is practically no space for me to work on my bike, that`s why I choose the easy way about my chain maintenance.
  4. Travellingman

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    No, not on my kind of driving anyway which is mainly on tarmac/asphalt or what you guys call it in English. Never cleaned the chain once, the oil makes the dirt fling off.
  5. Travellingman

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    Tutoro it is, got it on my bike And happy with that, needed som adjusting in the beginning to match my driving habits. Warm/cool weather might also impact the adjusting. I did remove the toolbox, because it was a bit difficult to mount it anywhere else.
  6. Travellingman

    Luggage and Racks for CRF250L

    My daily set up, Shad SH40 Cargo
  7. Travellingman

    Forma adventure boots - Brown = Amazing!

    Got a pair of the low version myself and are well satisfied with them
  8. Travellingman

    New Members Welcome Thread... : )

    Hello folks! New member from Norway here, had my 250L for over a year now and still pretty happy with the bike