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  1. Pretty fun if you've never been there before. Usually riddled with 4x4s, SxSs, and quads. Quite a bit of mud in some areas, mostly loose peagravel. Got some pretty gnarly hill climbs. I've been there a thousand times, so I'm bored of the place. Also. It's got an mx track if you care for such a thing.
  2. 230 Sausage

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    Lol, farm bike my arse! 2003 crf 230. No balls and shit suspension, but torquey and bulletproof AF!
  3. From what I've read, most trails have been cleared, but I believe they said evart is currently impassable and I think they have dnr/volunteer issues with that particular trail for the cherry on top. Sucks cuz that's my favorite trail in the state (so far, anyway..).
  4. Keep in mind that recently a storm rolled through and obliterated some of the western stateside trails. Evart is destroyed from what I've heard, but others have been somewhat repaired.
  5. There ain't really jack squat here in NW Indiana to ride, except, perhaps, for this little 3 minute loop I made and then my attempted/failed trail along the poo creek by the house afterward. Michigan has it made, fellas.
  6. 230 Sausage

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Bastards aren't doing anything near Indiana. Sucks to suck[emoji36]
  7. 230 Sausage

    China trying to step it up

    You're doing god's work, lad. [emoji106]
  8. 230 Sausage

    China trying to step it up

    Seems pretty peppy, but too bad about the gopro dismount. Hopefully next video goes solid! Perhaps in the future, maybe do a walk around of the bike while giving a brief overview/commentary on certain features, then get some footage of certain types of terrain edited together with either some caption descriptions or more voiced commentary of the terrain/obstacles and how the bike traverses through them. Obviously take your time with that, lol, but I'll bet you'll get thousands of views and really inform others who may have an interest!
  9. 230 Sausage

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    Dirt bike hoarding... jesus christ. And here I am pulling teeth just to obtain my second bike, EVER.
  10. 230 Sausage

    New Beta 200 ride review

    Trust me, I understand the major skepticism even though I have far less experience with bikes than you do. Itll be a while before I can get anything anyways with my hands and finances being tied in other projects ATM. So time will tell whether or not these bikes hold up to the hype from current owners. As far as support goes, I believe GPX is affiliated with Pitster Pro, and they've been around for a while I think. Who knows, we'll see if they hold up I guess. They do seem like interesting bikes though!
  11. 230 Sausage

    New Beta 200 ride review

    I'd prefer not to flood this beta forum up with Chinese stuff, but if your curiosity is peaked at all, there's lots of info on these bikes from a few guys in the Chinese and Exotics sections. No long term reviews as of yet, as these things are brand spanking new models. But according to these guys, the quality builds are pretty damn good. They have photos of stripped out components just for examination, and they seemed quite impressed. Anyways, back to the 200RR!
  12. 230 Sausage

    New Beta 200 ride review

    According to the owners I've talked to, ordering parts isn't an issue. Ordering online is the main thing for most people anyway it seems.
  13. 230 Sausage

    New Beta 200 ride review

    Yea the XT is very tempting merely for my size and its capabilities in the technical stuff, but I'm constantly told that once I start getting on the more of the high speed - whooped out sections I'm gonna suffer. And the midwest tends to have a lot of that terrain. At this point it's mainly a toss up between the 200RR and that GPX. And let's face it. The Beta is gonna break the bank, and it will sell like hotcakes so it may be difficult to obtain one anyway.
  14. 230 Sausage

    New Beta 200 ride review

    Yes, in fact I've been yapping with a couple guys on there the past two or three days. Same guys, but in the Chinese forum. One guy lives up in Michigan somewhere and he owns the TSE 250R. These dudes have been really helpful and are heavily swaying me to these GPX models. I'm really set on the 2 stroke, honestly. But I will definitely keep that air cooled 250E in mind. That price is extremely tempting..
  15. 230 Sausage

    China trying to step it up

    Ah, I see. That does sound very intriguing. Especially with the pricetag.