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  1. I'm planning on a good spring riding season because once summer hits, It'll be harder to secure days off from work. So I'll still be posting on here when things come together for trail riding.
  2. Well, even though I just turned 30 and I'm in pretty good shape, I'm not so naive to think that I won't get killed by other means. So I agree with the "life is short" mantra. But I need to play my cards carefully. I'm not the type to finance everything in sight. Besides a car and home payments, everything else is paid by cash or debit card. Not married, no kids, stable job for now. I make ends meet with a little to spare, but not quite enough that I'm comfortable shelling out several grand or so all at once. Things happen and you need a little dough to get through them, that's where financing has it's upside I guess. Just know that I don't take it lightly.
  3. Oh I would have no problem buying newer used of either model. They're just extremely hard to come by, especially in this area. Once a dealer gets them, they're swiped off the floor in no time by some prick like myself! I'd love to avoid the cost of brand new if I can.
  4. I know, right? Thats what everyone says when they know im coming off the 230 after about a decade, lol. One would think I would be pretty happy with it, even though I'm not always riding in the conditions it was designed for. After all, I HAVE seen videos of guys riding these things pretty hard. I know there's a lot of fairly hardcore riders out there who are pretty meticulous about the difference between the two models and the types of riding for said models. And I most definitely heed their advice. But understand that I'm 5'6" at 165lbs, intermediate skill (may or may not improve much further, who knows..), and I don't have lots of riding opportunities given the lack of trails and parks in my area, so I'm more or less a weekend warrior. I don't plan to race, although I'm not totally excluding it. May give it a shot one day. I mostly just like to dick around and make videos. And I just want to get a bike that does the job really well.
  5. Ugh, it feels like all I've been doing lately is teeter back and forth between "ya know, I'm starting to ride a bit more aggressively lately, and I'm pretty good at adapting to what I can ride, so maybe forking over the extra dough for an RR is the way to go and that'll hurt a bit," and "I really like the price tag, size, and user-friendliness of the xtrainer, and I'll bet I could push that thing a bit past what it was designed for, because look at what I do to my 230! I beat that thing like it owes me money and it asks for more!" Man, if it wasn't for that price tag on the RR, there would be no question. Not that I couldn't pay it, but we're talking a whole $1-1.5k more. Idk, I'm trying to keep my eyes and ears open. I DO want whatever I buy to last me a few years at least, so I'm very cautious with these kind of choices. I'm not the type to keep buying shit every year or two because of boredom or anything like that. I usually learn to adapt to what I get and become content with my decision. Cuz I know I can't put that toothpaste back in the tube!
  6. I don't think I've read a single comment so far that denounces either the XT or RR. But the XT is cheaper and I'm just a little guy, so I think that's where it's at for me. I can get aggressive occasionally, but I'll bet the XT can handle it fine.
  7. Thanks! If I knew where exactly I went wrong, I would've explained that to the guy. Visibility wasn't on par that day, and arrows were spaced out far apart in the open fields. Plus, I understand that event organizers don't like to mess around with keeping riders on course, as they have to deal with multiple land owners to have said course in the first place. On the other hand, try not to be a dick about it [emoji16].
  8. Just hit up "230 Sausage" on YouTube. That's my channel. Be forewarned, my content is mostly uninformative, nonsensical dogshite. Here's my latest vid.
  9. This is something I have thought about for a while. Still not 100% on it. The terrain I am limited to in the midwest is either Michigan trails, which can be both fast, flowy, and/or tight and technical, and the badlands in western Indiana, mostly open off road park. About 2-3+ hours and that's really all I've got for riding [emoji24]. I reside in "Chicago-land" Indiana. A big reason I chose the xtrainer was because of my frame and desired type of riding. I'm 5'6" at a about 165-170lbs, very athletic, and my favorite riding is tight and technical, although I like everything. I'm not very picky. Plus, it'll be my very first 2 stroke. From the research I've done so far, I'm confident that I can make the xtrainer rip through about anything (If you've seen my videos on what I've done to that poor crf 230f of mine, one would think the xtrainer will be a thousand times better in all aspects). And even though I lean towards financing, it's still psychologically hard for me to pay up a whole $1k more or so for a 300rr that may or may not make a whole lot of difference in the long run. Perhaps I can't really go wrong with either choice. But then again, I'm not sure. Wherever I go, I will try to get in a demo ride if I can. After all, I'm only informed so much from the internet with these things. I had a chance to ride a xtrainer after a family enduro here recently, but I &%$#@!ed it up by getting lost and when I got back the owners were loaded up and gone[emoji24]
  10. Hey guys, thanks for all of the replies! Lots of insight in here, and much to consider for sure. I'm definitely going to wait at least until early next year to pull this trigger. As it stands, I think I'll be ok with financing this bike if I just put a good chunk of dough up front, and hopefully I can get a decent rate from a credit union. Not 100%, but that's where I'm leaning so far on this. By all means though, if there's more to say, then give it a go. I'm listening!
  11. You make a good point about the resale value, I completely forgot about that. I should also mention that I like to leave things stock besides certain guard accessories. I'm sure that helps to a degree.
  12. I ain't getting rid of the 230, so don't you worry bout that!
  13. Would like to get some opinions on this. Full disclosure, I've been trying to rationalize buying a new beta via financing. Quick background before I begin: I've been riding a 2003 Honda crf 230f for around a decade now, and I'm 100% ready for an upgrade. I take this hobby quite serious, as it's a form of escape for me, and getting something new at some point is very important to me. After thorough research regarding my riding style and fitness levels etc, I think the 2018 xtrainer is my winner. This is why I call upon you beta riders out there for your words of wisdom. And here's where I have to decide how I go about buying this thing. I'm in the Midwestern US, and there's seldom beta dealers around my area, definitely a 2hr+ drive to each one. Some offer financing, some do not, as they have to buy these bikes out of pocket once they order them (mom and pop type of shops). As things stand at the moment, I only have the option to finance, I don't have enough saved to just buy cash. That could take... a LOT longer than I'd like, let's just say. I would really like to get something by summer at the latest. So, I have time to think this over and gather a little more cash. And FYI, I'm not interested in buying used from private sellers. I have little trust with that type of transaction. I'm dead set on buying brand new, but it's something I plan to keep for a long time. I may have enough to put (just guessing) about half down (xtrainer $7499 msrp, not sure what the OTD price would be. Guessing over 8k..) and finance the rest. I have very good credit, make payments on time, yada yada. I wouldn't have problems getting approved or making payments at all. I just want to do it without getting dicked by interest rates or anything like that if possible. If that's the case, I'd consider waiting, perhaps. So, what do you beta guys recommend? What have your experiences been with beta dealers? I welcome all opinions!
  14. Understandable. Will keep this thread posted.
  15. Thanks, man! I'm hitting up the Turkey Gobbler Family Enduro tomorrow in New Paris, IN. Sunday is probly gonna get rained out, so most likely won't ride then. Weekend after, I may be going up for a two day trip in Michigan at North Missaukee and Grand Traverse trails. After that, who knows.