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  1. Tonestire

    What's it worth? Used 2017

    Sorry if I hurt your little snowflake feelings. Maybe next time try helping the users instead of saying some cocky as.s remark.
  2. Tonestire

    What's it worth? Used 2017

    I think your spot on, Mid/High 4k's would be fair for all party's. I paid 4k for my 2015 with 128 Miles + Fuel Controller, Rack, Brush Gaurds and a handful more extra's. I'd like to see a scan of Evan Douchebags invoice to prove he isn't FOS
  3. Tonestire

    Tyre for TUbliss system?

    I removed mine from the rear tire and struggled and swore a ton doing so. To make it worse there was some green slimeish liquid in there also which made gripping it to pull it out a bitch. The previous owner installed it for a long trail ride that never happened and felt like I didn’t need it.
  4. Tonestire

    2017 CRF250L First Service and Valve Clearance

    I sure wish I could figure this out. You think you could here the pair valve over the noise of the motor? I've been debating removing the whole setup and buying a block off cover.
  5. Tonestire

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    I agree 100% with Kompact and Ohio, The only thing that has an auto oilier in my shed is my chainsaw!
  6. Tonestire

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    Wont that oiler just attract dust and dirt? I clean mine once a week and spray it down with belray.
  7. Tonestire

    2017 CRF250L First Service and Valve Clearance

    Hi Jacob, I totally forgot about this thread. I did remove the oem tensioner and installed a beautiful new Tokyo Mods manual tensioner. Good news is the install went wonderful after figuring out how to get the motor to TDC. Bad news is that it didn't make a lick of a difference. I still have the noise from around 5k-7k after a warm up although some days on my commute I don't hear it at all. Even after riding after it warms up sometime it will just about vanish. I didn't install an exhaust header copper gasket with my full exhaust so did that a few days after testing the manual tensioner to see if it could possibly be an exhaust noise. Still no go. The only thing left which I haven't done is check the cam/valves to make sure they are in spec. Never done this so I was a little hesitant until I get someone to give me a hand. I did remove the valve head when installing the tensioner but didn't have a chance to stick the gauges in to check specs. What year bike is yours? Mines a 15'
  8. Tonestire

    Vibration rpm related

    What about if you are not moving and hold 5000 rpm in neutral? Is the vibration there?
  9. Tonestire

    Vibration rpm related

    I can't see a skid plate causing vibrations, noise bouncing off yes but It shouldn't be resonating vibrations up to the bars. when running are your mirrors vibrating a lot?
  10. Hey all, Installed my Tokyo Manual Cam Tensioner last night and want to make sure I have the tension right. I moved the engine to TDC with the cams not touching the valves. I installed per the instructions with a 2mm preload before securing the two bolts down. The engine sounds good with no noise but I am concerned that too much tension may be applied because other versions of tensioners say to tighten up the tension screw then back it off leaving little to no pressure on the chain. Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  11. Tonestire

    Zeta Front Shock Damping Adjusters

    This is what I've found. Zeta Link from CA Vendor I want them!
  12. Hi Everyone, Long time lurker here after purchasing the '15 L this spring. Love all the info you all provide. Has anyone installed or has ever seen a retailer that that has the damping adjusters for the front forks? When the time comes to buy the racetech front/rear package I was entertaining buying these at the same time but cant find them anywhere. Thoughts? Zeta Front Damping Adjusters Link Clearly shows they are available for our bikes.
  13. Tonestire

    2017 CRF250L First Service and Valve Clearance

    Will do, Package is on the way, hopefully by Thursday I'll have it in hand and install it.
  14. Tonestire

    2017 CRF250L First Service and Valve Clearance

    My 2015 has the same noise within the same rpm range. I just ordered a manual tensioner to see if that clears up any noise and will let you know after I install it.