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  1. It is a good one...I’d love to run into this crew at the parking lot for a spontaneous beer chug, it’s possible because I ride the trails they have been on!!!
  2. Yes sir...after we saw you the guy on the KTM was 4th gear wide open on that long flat stretch in the woods and hit a branch and high sided 15ft. Fractured ribs and broke some wing bones he said. We had to drop him off in Gaylord!! Had a great ride at Sandtown. That Beta in your group had me salivating, I’m selling my TE300 I think!!!!
  3. We rode Sandtown Saturday.
  4. We did about 30 miles today and got to experience some really cool single track sections today!!! We had a buddy crash hard, high sided 4th gear wide open on the north side. Broke ribs, bruised kidney, and bruised sternum!!! We got chopped by the Tomahawk today but had some fun!!! Thanks for the help!!!
  5. We are going to do 2,3, and 4...I will send out an update later. Thanks mate
  6. See attached map I marked up. What #’s do I need to ride to experience the fun spots? We have limited time so I want to make the most of it.
  7. So we are heading to the UP tomorrow and on the way up I wanted to get in a ride at Tomahawk. I’ve read that this is the best single track in lower pen so we need to try it out. I’m seeing the parking lot on Springvale, if we go west to start I can see how we can take multiple routes, I don’t want to miss the good hill climbs if we have to cut it short, so which route would you suggest? Thank You
  8. 2 weeks ago Little Manistee was in good shape, limited whoop sections. I haven’t found a Michigan single track that doesn’t have whoops though
  9. Rode Little Manistee a couple weeks ago and had a blast, could use a few more hill climbs but a solid single track with limited whoop sections. Lincoln Hills is good too, you can hook up with Little Manistee from Lincoln I think too.
  10. Drove by Muskegon yesterday and everything in the woods looked melted.
  11. Thanks for the tips, my 8 year old has mastered his 50, so onto the KLX we went...he is by no means a expert but he listens really well and I want to set him up for success. The 2 single tracks over by Muskegon is probably where I’m going to start. I have carved out a single track on my property that we ride on during the week to get our fix but I can’t get out of 2nd gear, I’ve only got 6 acres to work with
  12. Thank You...my buddy said he fell 3 times his first time at Evart but they were slow moving falls so nothing bone shattering. Can’t wait for the snow to melt, bikes are ready to ride!!!
  13. Great advice, didn’t even think about that!!! Your son started at Evart? Isn’t that more of an advanced trail? I’ve been told that, I personally haven’t ridden it yet but plan too this year...the tree damage last fall messed up my opportunity.
  14. Does anyone have a suggestion on a trail that my 8 year old can start on? I think this is the year I get him out on the trails, he ‘s been on a CRF 50 for 2.5 years and I just got him a KLX 110 for his birthday last Fall. I was thinking Horseshoe or Holton single track to start? We are located just north of GR Thanks
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