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    2003 crf450r rebuilding recommendations

    Is the 2004 piston the highest compression Honda oem piston that will fit the 2003 crf450? I want to stay with oem Honda parts
  2. I purchased a cheap 2003 crf450r used bike shimmed the valves to get it to start ran pretty well then locked up a few minutes later , pushed backwards in gear then it will start again. I assume crank rod or main bearings came apart? There is a good amount of metal in the oil filter now. I going to tear the motor down and order all parts to get it going? I think I want to stay oem parts for crank and piston but it looks like the 2004 piston would be more compression? The intake valves in sure are shot there was zero clearance when I adjusted them so I was going to do pro x stainless valves and springs. What is a good way to get good bottom end and top end power and still keep reliability or is staying 100% stock the way to go? Also reading that the stock cam chain adjuster is no good? Anyway any recommendations or insight would be great thanks!