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  1. Tanner14


    The piston was hitting the valves
  2. Tanner14


    The piston was backwards. I did not know that it had to be a certain way!!
  3. Tanner14


    So I took off the top where the cams are so I could see the piston and when I push the kick start the piston stops at the top. So what is my issue?
  4. Tanner14


    So how do I make sure everything is lined up?
  5. Tanner14


    I just put in a new crank shaft on my 2010 yz250f and when I went to time it I lined all the correct markings up and turned it over by hand and it will move some then just stop. I have made sure every thing is lined up many times and I can't figure out why it won't go when everything is perfectly lined up?