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    2008 450 Fork Purchase (check / refill oil)

    The ebay shocks arrived, installed & took for a quick spin around the hill, going to rebuild these I think the aluminum tube is worn through on one of the forks I pulled so they probably are not worth rebuilding. The maxxis tires do not hook up well in the trails just another gripe LOL they do not hook up at all imo. The ZX I bought new last year 2015 I have had it 140+ with wife aboard.
  2. Mistress Fiona

    2008 450 Fork Purchase (check / refill oil)

    Thanks a bunch, I have found a manual via this board & the youtube vids are simple enough to rebuild the shocks, which I have a feeling are overfull of oil the one that survive that is We buy quite a lot from Rockymountain over the years never realized they had how to videos posted - I must buy 2 rear tires a season from them for our 14R.
  3. My guys CRF450 been horrible for years he seldom rides it the front forks are so stiff - he sold his quadracer so he is on fixing the front forks that are too stiff to trail ride with. We bought another set of shocks off ebay he wants to drain & put fresh oil in the shocks when they arrive, he is clueless on these, if I read correctly its 5W fork oil & about 325cc? How do we drain the forks properly & fill properly? 170lb rider w/o gear. TIA