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  1. SOLVED!!! It was the timing. Somehow the timing chain slipped and the intake cam was totally out of whack - by more than 90degrees clockwise. I don't understand why the engine didn't grenade on me nor how the bike kept working for 30 minutes after it started ticking. In the process, I inspected the entire fuel line and changed filters, pump and cleaned the injector, took the cylinder head out, measures everything (all within spec), cleaned everything shiny, readjusted the valve, made a cam adjustment tool. The bike restarted yesterday and after warming it up did a few miles with it. The bike pulls more than ever - I attribute that to having the correct fuel pressure. I'll write a post to describe the process, that will help people with similar issues.
  2. julienSF

    '15 KTM 350 EXC will not Start

    I have a similar issue. Did you find out what caused the issue? Dead injector or faulty fuel pump?
  3. julienSF

    2017 KTM 500 EXC-F Wont Run!

    My bike is a 350cc so it's likely the pressure is different on a 500. But 6 bar (87psi) seems very high. I'm in the process of testing my injector to see if the pray is even. I'm suspecting a clogged injector (my fuel filter was very dirty) and a damaged pump drowning the cylinder. More testing ahead. I'll let you know.
  4. julienSF

    2017 KTM 500 EXC-F Wont Run!

    Totally, And I'm stuck with it in California with all the emission regulation. I'm dreaming of a 2 stroke bike but I wouldn't be able near where I live and an electric bike (Alta) doesn't have yet enough range for the riding I like doing in the Sierras.
  5. julienSF

    2017 KTM 500 EXC-F Wont Run!

    I'm currently troubleshooting my bike after it died while riding on a trail at 9000ft. I had dropped the bike hard on granite and it continued working for 30 minutes but made an audible new clicking noise synched with the ignition, I took several brakes with the engine off, eventually, it refused to start again. I had spark. I tested the fuel pressure and it's at 42psi fuel pressure - the minimum spec is 48.6psi. How much fuel pressure did you have? and was your bike still running despite the low pressure? I changed the fuel filter (dirty) and the pressure didn't chance.
  6. When starting a bike with an electric start where is the current used to make a spark coming from? The stator right? So if I have spark the stator - regulator - coil - spark is somehow working?
  7. Not yet. My computer is far away from the garage where I work on my bike! BTW - I've read many forums entries talking about a possible rollover switch sensor failure but it never turned out to be the issue.
  8. Can a low fuel pressure cause the cylinder to flood? I dropped my bike on a slab of granite at low speed but it fell hard. It made a slight ticking noise after that but the bike worked. I did some intermittent and slow very technical riding for 30 minutes after that, stopping and starting the bike several times. And eventually, the bike refused to start ever again. I'm in the process of troubleshooting the issues. I'm down to questioning the fuel pump: I get a low fuel pressure at 43psi instead of the 48.6 minimum required for my bike (FE350). I have changed the inline fuel filter which was very dirty. The pressure didn't improve. I have spark, but the spark plug is wet. I cleared the cylinder (disconnecting the fuel line and cycling it with the throttle fully opened), the spark plug comes back dirty and wet.Trying to start it again yesterday I had one or two very faint pops but nothing strong enough to start the bike.
  9. My hope of a simple troubleshooting just died. The sensor is not that simple. http://superduke.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=20951 .
  10. At 5'9 you're not short by any mean. I bought my bike (FE350) from someone who was about 5'3 and had lowered it with a lower saddle and a different suspension link. I'm 5'10 so I didn't the link and I wanted all the suspension I could so I reinstalled the original link, I kept the saddle because it was easier to step off on very rough terrain. Now the downside of a lower saddle is more strain on the knees everytime I stand up. I'm now getting used to standing most of the time. I'm no racer nor very experienced but I know that arm pump is mostly due to riding position and not so much to fitness. I've almost eliminated arm pump by teaching myself to stand correctly on the bike. The difference you felt may also come to a subtle difference in handlebar position or peg to grip distance and angle.
  11. Yes, that's good. Now I only need to make it work again. As they say: "KTM, Ready To Wrench".
  12. No - I got it deleted because it became obvious where the bike was and I didn't want anyone to go get it before me. The rescue took 8 hours. It was easier than expected: we managed to bring a truck closer than I thought was possible and that saved us 1.5miles of pushing. And out of 6 miles we had to push about 1.5 and it took just under 4 hours. We were just two, but not wearing a full riding outfit and shorts and hiking boots made a huge difference. We even spent 20 minutes providing first aid to a ride who crashed an broke his hand.
  13. (Bike: Husqvarna FE350 / KTM EXC 2016) I need to test my rollover switch in an attempt to diagnose why my bike died 30 minutes after being dropped hard on granite and never restarted again (I have fuel pressure and spark and I might have enough compression, no wire appears damaged, good stator, good injector voltage, but fuel pressure 10% below min spec but that's another topic). I know nothing about electric diagrams so I don't understand the symbols within the sensor (B26). But I understand from what I found on Youtube that there should be at some point a change in continuity when the sensor is tilted or upside down and consequently the bike shuts down (that happens a lot with the riding I do). I've checked for continuity between the 3pins in all possible configuration with the switch in the up position, then upside down. There is no continuity regardless of the position of the sensor. Is this normal?
  14. One week later - bike hasn't started yet: Compression leak: I got a compression leak tool OTC 5609. The 10mm adapter didn't fit all in the spark plug well, I filed it down to an appropriate size but i never managed to get it to seal correctly by hand so my reading was worthless. Fuel pressure: I replaced the inline fuel filter which was very dirty. My fuel pressure went up 1psi at 43psi. I'm still 5 psi below the minimum spec of 48 psi. So far it's the only thing I can identify that's our of specs. Please, can you someone answer this question: Would a fuel pressure of 10% below minimum specification prevent the injector to work correctly and drawn the bike? yes? no? Should I still have some sporadic ignition instead of a bike that doesn't start at all?
  15. nice to get support from someone who rides 300+ hours a year, according to the stats posted! And I have to be realistic: if some riders can do 350+ hours without issues it doesn't apply to me, my bike is dead at 140h. I'll get the leak tester on Monday or Tuesday and then put head apart if I haven't found another cause (I need to test the TPI voltage, check the Stator pickup, change the fuel filter and see if i get better fuel pressure).