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  1. Hi Everyone! I am interested in purchasing a KTM 500 XCW for a Supermoto build. (not interested in EXC). Just wanted to know what year was the best of shinned the most. I am looking for 2012 on up. Wanted to know what year is best and why? Can't afford brand new so 2016 is max. Please let me know, I have been doing some research just wanted to hear peoples opinions that own then or your thoughts.
  2. Hi Everyone, New to the Forum. I currently have a 06 Yamaha YZ450F but she needs a lot of work. Roughly price on parts to about $650 to get it perfect. I have a friend that is selling a 09 YZ450F. Engine is completely stock only thing he did was send out his suspension and had it built for a 180 lb rider. He would give me a good deal on the 09.... I have read that you can use the 06 CDI to pep up the 09s. I hate the factory 09 exhaust sound so my question is can I swap over my slip on FMF from my 06 to his 09? or can I swap over the whole exhaust from the 06 to the 09? Would I also need to rejet? I have read that the 09 might be a bigger diameter header but not certain. Hence why I am asking if I can swap the whole exhaust over. Other question would the 06 run fine on the 09 CDI and exhaust? Any info would be awesome! Thanks!