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  1. If I can't find a better priced CW kit this is probably what I'm gonna get. Same seller that you got your BBK.
  2. That $24 shipping to florida TT must get the worst rates from FedEx. Priority Mail maybe?
  3. You're right if I can't find a reasonable priced CW I'll probably go with the brand name piston kit. When did you get it for $330? new? $400 is reasonable but $580 is pretty hard to swallow. Specially with the chinese kits going for $160.
  4. $503 is for the standard bore the big ones are no less than $580. I have an extended warranty on my bike (wife idea) so if the engine blow or something I could always put the oem cylinder back and take it to the dealer imo. I really don't want to put a chinese cylinder on my bike but I have been seeing people using namura and niche kits without many issues.
  5. Not a mistake they raised the price, yesterday was around $106. Also their DRZ kit was $167 and now is $220. It should a single seller with multiple accounts since all the kits have the same price now.
  6. Cylinder works kits are almost $600 on ebay
  7. I'm still worried about the compression ratio been too low since it's advertised for the LTZ. The kit looks exactly like the the namura/niche kits (which are probably no brand chinese made) and both have been around for a while, with people saying that they work fine.
  8. I was seeing Niche and Namura (pretty sure they are the same) Big Bore kits for the DRZ on ebay for around $160 to $200 which is pretty cheap, but then I found some kits for the LTZ400 for $100!!! Are the cylinders interchangeable? Do you guys think is the same compression ratio than the DRZ? I have zero knowledge about the LTZ. I already have a FCR 39 from a YFZ450, looking for a BBK and stage 2 hotcams for my next upgrade.
  9. Thanks for the warnings Anyone knows which bikes come with a FCR from the factory that I could buy used?
  10. I found this on ebay, is this a good candidate to install in a DRZ? Ik about the new fcr kit in the TT store but $800 is a little hard to swallow for a single motorcycle carb, so I'm looking for options.