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    96 kx125 brake not working

    Hi this is my first time using this no dont judge! so i just got my first 2 stroke and its a 1996 kx125 and well its got a few issuses and i have 2 questions about it so first the rear brake is not working when you push the pedel down it just goes all the way down and has no presser but theres a lot of fluid in it and i barley know anything about brakes there for thats why im asking and then how much transmission fluid do i put it in im pretty sure it needs some because i dont see any, do you just fill it untill it reches the top of that clear spot? and what do i use as transmisson fluid that i can just pick up at walmart for cheap. and sorry for the spelling its not my strongsuit! oh and when i put it in gear when its off with the clutch in it still is moving the motor yet if you are riding it and pull the clutch in it still works like normal then