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  1. I believe they are actual pro circuit. The guy completely built the bike aftermarket so I'd think he would put on aftermarket suspension. It says maintenanced by pro circuit. And my tubes seem to be in great shape.
  2. Yeah I think I'll go ahead with taking them to a suspension shop. I forgot to mention that they are Pro Circuit, would I need to send it to them? Thanks again you guys. Thank god for thumper talk.
  3. Yes I believe they are but the guy had the bike set for some sort of supercross racing? It says 250f SX and then his name.
  4. True true. Well, money is a crunch right now and I seen on eBay they had cheap forks from older model yz's for $100
  5. I'm having leaky forks like crazy, and they are valves insanely stiff. Mechanic said it'll cost me $600
  6. Hey guys, I have a 2010 yz250f. I've had a nightmare of a time with my front forks to the point where I'm just gonna get all new forks. What years of the yz have forks that will fit on my bike?
  7. What are the tightening torques for a 2010 yz250f and 2012 kx250f linkage bolts
  8. Hey guys, so I have a question about my 2010 yz250f. Awhile back I had a nasty wreck and bent what I thought was the radiator but for some reason my bike seems to have some sort of aftermarket GYTR frame that goes around the radiator to protect it. I noticed that this is not on stock bikes from 2010. Keep in mind this bike is tricked out and was raced pretty hard in supercross somewhere (based on the suspension info sticker on the forks). Is that protective frame piece for sale somewhere or not, it's what bent. I can post pictures tomorrow. Thanks guys!
  9. Yeah I'm gonna order one this weekend
  10. Maybe a week but yes both are leaking
  11. Hey guys, I decided to get new oil and fork seals in my 2010 yz250f. Now they are still leaking like crazy! I've looked for tube damage under the seals, tried aligning the forks like 10 times, cleaning them with a seal cleaning tool, and still leaking so much that it's dripping off of the bottom of the forks. My mechanic suggested that maybe the bushings are bad? Wouldn't they of fixed that when they replaced the seals? This may sound stupid but can an axle be mushroomed at the end to the point where the forks don't sit properly? I can not push my axle all the way through without it getting caught at the very end as if someone beat the piss out of the axle, it still fits but it can't move freely with out using a hammer to get it out. Thanks guys for the help!
  12. I'm gonna give rebuilding the forks a try, and that should fix it. If not I'll get back on here! Thanks!
  13. See that's news to me because I know only a couple of guys who have messed with theirs. I'll check out some videos, I seen one that was talking about getting new springs for my weight?
  14. Thanks for the reply! I'm no hardcore racer so I never got around to the suspension,my fault. Now that I think about it I had a pretty bad wreck not long ago but it didn't hurt the bike bad but could've bent them. I may need to take it to the local shop and have them do it. Is it hard to rebuild these forks? How do you do it?