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  1. Bloodmouse

    Any one know this bike?

    Yep! I had a 78 PE250....what a screamer! Those old 2-strokes felt like many 4-strokes do nowadays. They were torquey while still having that 2-stroke rush. Fun bike.
  2. Bloodmouse

    Engine returns to idle slowly

    was this resolved? I have the same issue
  3. Bloodmouse

    ttr250, hanging high idle

    I just purchased an 03 model TTR225 for my wife and have nearly the exact same issue. My carb is a CV, not an FCR style. I had the carb off and cleaned it, but I don't think I got it done very well. Thinking of tearing it off again and giving it another go, and changing the pilot and main while I'm at it. I also have a FUBAR throttle housing and choke assembly (bar mounted) but have replacement items on order for those issues. My slide does show some wear but I've talked to others who have the same kind of wear and no issues. Throttle seems to return quickly but the idle hangs. At about $150 the slide kit is a very last resort. I am wondering what sizes I should get to replace my jets. I removed the snorkel and would like to also free up the exhaust, and most of our riding will be done between 3500-5000 feet. I've heard most go up to a 42.5 on the pilot and a 132.5 on the main, 2 turns out on the mixture screw. Thanks for any advice.